Photographer of the Week: Robert Sleeper


‘All people are beautiful,’ says Robert Sleeper, who’s based in Marietta, Pennsylvania.

His specialty as a photographer is glamor, boudoir and art, concentrating on the female form and bringing out the inherent beauty therein.

But Sleeper also enhances that beauty in the delicate clarity with which he captures light,

and, especially, the architectonic way he places the models in the frame.

And for most readers of this site, there’s one way of placing a model that enhances her beauty most of all!

If you are interested in Bob Sleeper’s work, please visit his website.

That’s Why She Fell for the Leader of the… SMACK!

This may or may not have been an accident:

But for optimum maneuverability combined with a speedy getaway, the dedicated bottom smacker needs to be on two wheels rather than four.

For anything more than a sudden, unexpected, high-speed SMACK! out of the blue, it’s better to pull over.

But take care (and don’t waste time changing), or she’ll be the one making the getaway!

In fact, the best all-round option for a biker has to be the same as the best all-round option for everyone else in all circumstances:

Is she really going out with him?

Men are Like Streetcars: 1959-60

We begin on October 28 and 30 at Fowler High School, Indiana, with Judy Hasser as Maudie and Steve Nicely as Jerry:

Then it’s over to Iowa on October 29 and 30, for the junior play at Tri–County South High School, What Cheer; David Just spanks Linda Curry:

Back to Indiana just a week later, November 5 and 7, for a great image from Portage High School, Indiana; Nolan Longmore spanks Mary Ann Plummer

Still in Indiana on November 13: at Hammond Technical-Vocational High School, Walt Richardson spanks Lynn Castelo:

November 24: McAlester High School, Oklahoma; Vicki Gotcher is spanked by David Kaiser in front of the whole cast for a newspaper publicity photo:

March 26 saw Joanne Kupiec being spanked by Terry Popkin at Bristol High School, Pennsylvania:

And on April 29, in the senior play at Olds Consolidated High School, Iowa, Roger Eichelberger spanks Beverly Brown:

This was one of those school years where there were a fair number of productions but not much record of precisely when they were, so alphabetization kicks in early and takes us to the junior play at Canfield High School, Ohio:

11 1960 Canfield HS

‘Bottoms up, and the big moment of the play for Lucy Klaus,’ reads the yearbook caption for this production at Carlinville High School, Illinois. Administering the ‘big moment’ to Lucy’s bottom is Jerry Hampton:

The senior play was double cast at Indian River High School, Philadelphia, New York, but there’s no cast list for either, just this photo:

The junior play at Pomeroy High School, Washington:

At Sibley Public High School, Iowa, Paul Pohlman spanks Gayle Steck:

And finally, ‘Jerry administers an iron hand to Maudie’ in the junior play at Westfield High School, Indiana; with Larry Lamb as Jerry and Donna Daubenspeck as the unfortunate recipient of the iron hand:

And on to the next year!

Photographer of the Week: Dave Jackson


Three loves define Leicester-based Dave Jackson’s work as a photographer. He is fond of the middle decades of the last century, from the Forties to the Sixties. He loves women and their retro fashions… who doesn’t?

And he loves the aircraft of that era, which is why his photography business is called Retro Air. Put them together and what have you got?

Well, to be absolutely literal about it, you’ve got pin-up model Honey Malone perching pertly on the wing of a Harvard Mk IV vintage warplane. And since Honey has no little relevance to our main event, let’s take a detour to get to know her better, courtesy of a couple other photographers.

No less relevant is her fellow model Kitty le Creme:

Away from the aircraft, what happened when these two ladies met in a Dave Jackson shoot in July 2014? You saw some of it at the top of the article, which only goes to show that Honey is in some sense superior to Creme. Hence the climax: nemesis for Kitty!

If you are interested in Dave Jackson’s work, please visit his website.


In 1962, the BBC decided to get in on the half-hour international investigation drama format that had mainly been cornered by commercial television, and entered a co-production deal with MGM to produce Zero One. The series, developed from the memoirs of the retired investigator Donald Fish, dealt with the many and varied cases of International Air Security (call sign, Zero One) and ran for three years until it reached 39 episodes, the standard number for exported television series (otherwise known as weekly programming for three quarters of a year).

Starring as the principal investigator Alan Garnett was Nigel Patrick, who had administered an offstage spanking in Tomorrow’s Child (1946), but won’t be getting to do the same this time around. But that doesn’t mean actress Jeannie Carson can relax.

Originally working under the slightly shorter name of Jean Carson, she was a British comedienne who was successful in the London theater in the early 1950s, before breaking into the American sitcom market and renaming herself Jeannie to differentiate her from the already established American actress also named Jean Carson. She starred as a chirpy Scotswoman in New York in Hey, Jeannie! (1956-58), then returned to Britain for a few years before spending the rest of her career on the American stage. One of her last screen appearances was in ‘Downdraft’, the episode of Zero One first shown on February 13, 1963, in which she plays Jo Selkirk, daughter of a small-time airline owner in the west of Canada.

Well might she look worried, because the script was written by Lewis Davidson (1926-90), who had also written, only a few months before, a certain episode of The Saint:

Hamish Selkirk is trying to get a license to open his airfield up to passenger traffic, but faces a slight difficulty: the site suffers from a dangerous downdraft which can cause planes to crash-land. We see it happen in the opening scene, when Jo’s boyfriend Dunk Wilson (Jerry Stovin) falls foul of the unruly air currents and ends up with his plane literally dunked. When Garnett arrives to inspect the airfield as part of the licensing process, Jo and her father do all they can to conceal the potentially lethal flaw, with Jo taking especial care to make herself agreeable to him.

Meanwhile, Dunk makes himself especially disagreeable, but it later emerges that he’s not the drunken lout he seems. On the contrary, he’s a conscientious pilot trying to put a log-book into Garnett’s hands: the evidence showing why the site is unsuitable to be an airfield.

The next day, Jo takes Garnett off for a flight, but stages a mechanical fault that leaves them stranded in a rugged trapper’s hut in the middle of nowhere – which will give her the opportunity to destroy the incriminating log-book. Well aware of what’s going on, Garnett gives her a fright:

It’s not what it looks like there! He’s pretending to romance her:

But before it goes too far, Dunk arrives, having got wind of what she was planning. Now Garnett is keen to be on his way back to the airfield, but Dunk says there’s something else to be done first. Garnett says he’ll wait outside…

Dunk picks up a leather strap and whacks it testingly against his palm.

Then he takes Jo by the scruff of her neck

and bends her over the bed.

The camera zooms in on her apprehensive face…

He tells her this is something her father should have done a long time ago, and raises the strap.

The start of the spanking is shot in close-up on her face.

But after three whacks… we cross-fade to the next scene!

For the benefit of anyone who might feel disappointed by that, we’ll end by rewinding a decade or so to an earlier point in Jeannie Carson’s career, when she appeared in pantomime with Nat Jackley, as the title role in Aladdin:

02 Aladdin

But maybe that’s a source of disappointment, too, when you consider that she’s actually only having her shorts patched!

Kiss Me Kate: 1997

The Kiss Me Kate spanking year begins at Green Bay, Wisconsin, where Notre Dame Academy staged it March 14 though 22, featuring Steve Marzo and Emily Curran:

At Kenwood High School in Baltimore, Maryland, Kevin Carlson spanked Kelley Hirsch:

1997 was a year of two peninsulas, the first of which was Peninsula Civic Light Opera of San Mateo, California. Here’s the program cover for their production, which ran April 25 through May 4, and which uses the graphic from the 1995 CD release:

And here’s the spanking as they staged it:

Over in England, the Christchurch Theatre Company, Loughborough, produced the musical, though I think the publicity photographer got a little too close to the action:

While we’re in Europe, let’s pay a call to the Operettensemble in Stockholm, Sweden:

And from June until August, it could be seen at the Theater im Landhauskeller in Klagenfurt, Austria, in a production directed by Alexander Kuchinka, who also played Fred. Here he is spanking his Lilli, who is really a Lilly, Lilly Kugler:

Back to the US, and the Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, featured KMK that summer, with Marian Maranghelli and an offstage percussionist:

The Columbia Actors’ Repertory troupe in California produced the musical at Fallon House Theater August 1 through September 7:

Out east now to our second peninsula: Peninsula Community Theater of Newport, Virginia staged KMK August 8-9, and David Hall spanked Jenny Morris:

Down the east coast for a September production by the Manatee Players at the Riverfront Theatre, St Petersburg, Florida, starring Mark Woodland and Eve Caballero:

West Wickham Operatic Society, which produced the musical in November, double cast the role of Fred: Chris Arden and Chris Shaw played him on different nights, but they both got to spank Lucy Carter:

November 14-22 saw a production by Richland Light Opera in Washington State, starring Don Fitch and Tracy Boyle, and the publicity used this ever-faithful graphic from the Fifties:

1997 Richland LO

(It was even on the production’s T-shirts!)

And finally, here’s a montage of pictures from the November 25-29 production by the Ilford Operatic and Dramatic Society:

And if you look very closely, you can see Lilli’s visible panty line as she is spanked!

On we go to 1998 now.

Photographer of the Week: Svetlana Zakharova


For the benefit of anyone who may be wondering, we’re looking at the Russian-born, Miami-based stylist, model and fashion photographer Svetlana Zakharova, not the Ukrainian ballerina of the same name (though both are excellent). Further doubt may be dispelled by the information that our Svetlana also uses the name Lanna Bojan. And to eliminate any remaining scintilla of uncertainty or ambiguity, here she is:

A little more basque than pas de basque, I fancy…

But today we’re looking at a shoot where she’s behind the camera, in an elegant Russian club.

Let’s meet the two most relevant models, Yulianna and Alena.

They seem effortlessly relaxed about it all,

even when things turn out like this!

Applause for them both, please, and for the splendid, stylish, non-terpsichorean Svetlana Zakharova!