Photographer of the Week: Filip Matusinsky


Award-winning Czech photographer Filip Matusinsky has an extensive portfolio of work ranging from celebrity and fashion shoots

to advertising for such various things as clothing,


and services.

He is extensively published,

and that cover for Top Class magazine says more than perhaps it intended. For Matusinsky has an especial eye for the beauty of one particular part of the female body:

OK, it’s not that alone that makes him one of the most sought-after glamor photographers in the Czech Republic, but it surely helps!

Some of his nudes are safely indoors, private and snug.

But he also shoots them outside, combining glorious landscape with, sometimes, a sense of the girl’s supreme confidence.

and sometimes a suggestion of her possible vulnerability.

That’s also achieved by some splendid shots that capture the very moment of uncovering: confident yet vulnerable, all in one.

Because he’s Czech, Easter has a special meaning involving vulnerable and sometimes uncovered feminine bottoms. And he expresses it powerfully:

If you are interested in Filip Matusinsky’s work, please visit his website.

A Closer Watch on the Trains

Karolina Stanieczek 2010

This is one of a series of illustrations of the 1966 movie Closely Watched Trains, executed in 2010 by the Polish graphic artist Karolina Stanieczek (born 1977). It’s a good starting-point for observing the wide impact of the film’s unconventional spanking scene, in which the station telegraphist Zdenka (or Zdenicka in the original novel) is first threatened with a spanking and then gets one, very slowly and erotically, by the application of a series of ink-stamps to her bare bottom.

It’s a scene so iconic that it’s regularly recreated, not only in art (see another example here), but also on badges:

And in everyday life, too: all over the Czech Republic, girls are having their bottoms soundly stamped, and enjoying it.

Some have even ‘gone permanent’, by getting a tattoo:

Occasionally it’s a slightly naughty equivalent of having their hands stamped when they go into an event:

It’s also done by the Prague burlesque troupe, Kabaret Punklesque,

sometimes in a way that leaves no doubt that, unconventional though it is, it’s certainly a spanking:

(That’s performer Violet de Valor across Ginger Wixxie’s knee, by the way.)

But most often it’s done in a specifically railroad context,

and particularly when it has something directly to do with either the movie or the novel. In 2014, a commemorative plaque was to put up at Kostomlaty railway station, where Bohumil Hrabal, the novelist, worked in the mid-1940s and had some of the experiences that inspired the book. To mark the occasion, some scenes were reenacted, and the local librarian bared her bottom for the attentions of Karel Otava:

Another 2014 celebration of Hrabal, laid on by the library at Valmez, resulted in several young ladies getting stamped in places they don’t usually put on public display:

And when the film or the book are transferred into another medium, the stamp-spanking scene is always included, and is often chosen to represent the whole work, as in this Hungarian audiobook cover:

It has been recreated, with different panties, in a video promoting a project to establish a Czech film museum:

(The bottom belongs to campaigner Adela Mrazova, who is also seen from the other end in the still image before you press play.)

And we’ve previously seen what a perennially popular work it is on the stage, too. Here are some more pictures from a long-running production that we covered in the original article. First from 2013, with Zdenicka in, unusually, black panties:

And next from 2016, looking uncommonly excited at what is happening to her:

A Polish production in 2012 did the stamping OTK:

A commemorative performance at Nymburk in May 2017 included extracts from Trains, and as usual they couldn’t leave out this scene:

Later in 2017, here’s a production in Poland, in which the scene is played with her bottom upstage – partly because it’s clear that the first thing she does is to take down her own panties:

On to 2018, and here’s a new version of another long-standing production this one from Brno with Jitka Sedlakova – not my favorite Zdenicka this time, but what a nice pair of modern white panties to be stamp-spanked on!

Here’s a scene selection from another commemorative event at Nezvestice in May 2018:

And a new production was mounted at Most in October 2018, with Alexandra Bauerova as Zdenicka.

And the spanking scene can best be described as superb:

Here’s some footage, including a smack by hand on the seat of her panties.

And make sure you watch the end, too!

Axe Smacks


Who’s whacking Britain?

For that thoroughly well-deserved trouncing, we are indebted to the men’s grooming range Axe, which is marketed as Lynx in Britain (and a few other English-speaking countries) and under that egis was responsible for the 2005 Lynx Jet advertising campaign featuring just a scintilla of spanking interest.

Elsewhere in the world, Axe’s marketing strategy leans heavily on fun, youth-oriented social events, like a series of ‘undie runs’ (think of the No Pants Subway Ride, only on foot) whose participants often end up posing for souvenir pictures in a green-screen photo booth.

The South African branch runs dance parties, where the souvenir photo booths are lower tech, but produce no less effective results.

Axe South Africa promises buyers that their product will achieve ‘mass seduction’, and the parties often ring the changes on that theme. Sometimes young people might be ‘wanted for crimes of mass seduction’.

From time to time, the penalty seems to involve a whack with a truncheon on a sensitive spot:

Thankfully ‘mass seduction’ is not always a crime. In 2012, another series of parties invited the young to enrol as students in Axeology 101, ‘a course in mass seduction’.

It seems discipline on the course was strictly enforced:

Some girls found themselves horizontal:

Some found themselves over their fellow partygoers’ laps:

And at least one found herself getting…

a good spanking!

So hurrah for Axe South Africa!

Photographer of the Week: Cody Augustine

Brockway, Oregon, is where you’d go to be photographed by Cody Augustine – but only if you’re interesting!

Cody, who styles himself a ‘photographist’ rather than a photographer, is pointedly uninterested in the bread-and-butter work of a commercial snapper. No weddings and babies for him: he seeks out distinctive subjects and creative lighting effects. And finds them…

We’re mainly here for a pin-up shoot from June 17, 2017, featuring a brace of burlesque dancers, whom we’ll first meet in front of somebody else’s lens. Here’s Kat Wondergloom.

Let’s take a longer look at the asset she brought to the occasion.

Now here’s Bettie Mae Minsky, who also performs under the name Bayou Bettie.

And if Kay came with an asset, Bettie brought a talent, which she has been known to exercise on the burlesque stage…

and off it:

So if your name is Kat Wondergloom, and even if it isn’t, beware Bayou Bettie!

If you are interested in Cody Augustine’s work, please visit his website.

Kiss Me Kate: 2002

We begin the year with a production that ran from January to March at the State Theater, Sursee, Switzerland, starring Hilda Joos as Lilli. Here she is being spanked in a publicity shot:

And on the program cover:

And onstage:

The production by the Shenfield Operatic Society, Hornchurch, England, which ran January 29 through February 2, had a cheekier than usual Fred.

And that’s doubly relevant, because this was the first known amateur production to follow the lead of the 1999 revival and have Lilli (Kerry Cooke) spanked with her skirt up:

Boyshorts (Shenfield)

In Rochester, New York, at the Odyssey Academy, February 24 brought us this sight:

Moving on to May, the second through the fifth of the month saw a production at a high school in Washington State:

Husband and wife performers Joseph and Dana Crabtree starred in the June 21-30 staging by LITE Productions of Laredo, Texas:

In July, the musical was produced by the College Amateur Operatic Society of Walthamstow, London:

And in July through August 18, here’s some spanking under the stars, courtesy of Theatre Under the Stars, Vancouver:

The troupe known as Act 1 of Benson County, Vinton, Iowa, staged KMK September 5-15, with Sherri Stout as Lilli. They also did Act 2, but here’s a certain scene in Act 1…

As it closed in Iowa, it opened in Florida: here are Rick and Jeanette Roach at Cocoa Village Playhouse, where the musical ran September 15 through 29:

Over in California, October 18 through November 17 saw Marina Campana in this predicament at Woodland Opera House, courtesy of Roger McDonald:

(That rather looks as though they did the publicity photos on the backstage dressing room set, rather than the ‘onstage’ set where the spanking actually happens.)

Back to New Jersey, where the Barn Theater in Montville produced Kiss Me Kate from November 15 through December 7, with Stuart Scheer and Robin Totillo in the leading roles. Here they are posing for publicity:

In the press:

And onstage:

December 3 saw the musical at a high school in Michigan:

And lastly, some productions for which we don’t have precise dates. At Bolzano in Italy, Thomas Sigwald spanks Jessica Blume:

The production at Istanbul Opera offered no surprises, or much inventiveness, on the playbill cover:

But it was a major production with a double cast. One pair of Fred and Lilli were Halit Ergenc and Hande Soner, but our pictures show Suat Arikan and Ruhsar Ocal:

In England, the Newton Abbot and District Musical Comedy Society had this to offer:

And in Wales, the STC Musical Society did it like this:

And finally, in Japan, here’s Lilli:

And here’s what happened to Lilli:

And if that isn’t a fine note to end on, I don’t know what is!

Lovely Rita, Dirndl Maid

Will the annual Love Magazine advent calendar ever better its 2014 entry featuring Kendall Jenner and Santa?


Maybe not with the German-themed 2016 entry featuring Rita Ora, but it was still a very welcome offering. Dressed in lederhosen, Rita mimes to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B, accompanied by, well, Rita and Rita in dirndl skirts – three of her, thanks to the magic of modern technology.

Less mysterious, but a source of more overt and immediate pleasure, was the combination of costuming and choreography that showed us this:

The other dirndl Rita wore the heart daringly on the front, but the back was just as forthright in the present troubled times:

We love eu teu, Rita! And the climax of the video brings her ever further up in our estimation by showing lederhosen Rita first getting a smacked bottom from red dirndl Rita,

and then giving one to green dirndl Rita:

Red dirndl Rita regrettably remains unsmacked, but rather than be ungrateful, let’s just enjoy the video:

Photographer of the Week: Boris Yankov


Bulgarian photographer Boris Yankov, based in Plovdiv, is long on style, short on verbiage and pretension. He allows his work to speak for itself, in all its breathtaking visual originality.

The shoot that most interests us took place in 2011 at the Plovdiv cocktail bar Eskada, and featured models Sokrat Sokratov and Radostina Ivanova. We’ll meet him in due course, but it’s worth getting a first look at her, albeit through somebody else’s lens:

OK, let’s bring in Sokrat now:

He’s going to sample one of the fabulous cocktails Eskada has to offer:

Radostina has another way of serving liquor:

And now, the perfect end to a great night out!

If you are interested in Boris Yankov’s work, please visit his website.