La Fessée de Fauve

Meet Fauve Hautot.

Fauve Hautot port

Since 2011 she has been one of the regular professional dancers on the television series Danse avec les Stars, which is the French equivalent of (depending on your position relative to the Atlantic Ocean) Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars.

Here she is at work:

Fauve Hautot 1Fauve Hautot 5Fauve HautotFauve Hautot 2Fauve et maxime

Fauve Hautot 3fuve et maxime grenoble

And showing off one of her many fine features:

Fauve Hautot 4Fauve Hautot see through

She has said that she would like people to talk about her dancing and not about her bottom, so let’s see if we can maybe find a compromise where we can admire both.

In case you’re disappointed at the enormous missed opportunity in that routine, here she is on the show’s 2012 live tour, trying to teach a volunteer from the public a particular dance lift entitled, for reasons that will be obvious, le tam-tam (meaning, in English, tom-tom):

You may get the impression there that the effect of gravity on her skirt was a little more than she bargained for, but that wasn’t the only time it happened:

fauve et gerald

In fact the move was a regular feature of a rather sexy, panty-flashing jive she did with her fellow dancer Maxime Dereymez:

Fauve 2012 tour

And again in the 2014 live show:

And in the 2014 series of Danse avec les Stars:

Fauve et miguel-angel-munoz

In fact, le tam-tam fesses has almost become her dancing trademark. Here’s a variant where her partner seems to be playing her like a double bass while her legs flutter cutely in the air:

And here she gets the treatment on a magazine show, though this time she’s had the foresight to wear jeans:

And this is the girl who doesn’t want her bottom to distract people from her very fine dancing!

Fauve 2012

Applause, please, for Fauve Hautot – at both ends!

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