How to Deal with a Naughty Vampire Girl

The Donna Nye Band is a Pennsylvania-based group whose act combines rock’n’roll with elements of Gothic horror. Here’s Donna, the lead singer:

01 DonnaDonna Nye02 Donna03 Donnadonna-nye-1598635_364333190411190_9163924570094111387_o

In their 2013 show, ‘Awakening’, she plays a vampire who is woken from 300 years in her casket to entertain the audience… But for the Christmas edition, they changed the title.

04 Donna Nye Band

For two performances only, it became: ‘Santa Spanks the Naughty Vampire Girl’. And you really can’t go wrong with that!

And better still, there’s a video of the first performance, at Mineshaft in Ashland, Pennsylvania. The quality and the framing are far from perfect, and the acting won’t win any awards, but I’m not complaining, because the spanking is pretty good, on white panties, with kicking legs, and it lasts for more than three minutes!

She gives herself a few smacks during a sexy dance routine (watch from 12.15 and 13.10), which causes Santa to call her a bad girl. For the inevitable outcome, watch from 14.30…

You’ll have noticed that the ‘impact’ sounds were sometimes out of synch with the action. That’s because they were made by the band’s percussionist, not by the smack of palm against panties. Maybe it’s misleading that the seat of her panties reads, ‘Smoking Hot’:

05 Donna Nye Band

But maybe not: her bottom was bouncing with the slaps, and four days after the performance, on Christmas Day itself, Donna posted to Facebook:

‘Still can’t sit down after the spanking I got Saturday night at my show. Next Saturday I will be all better to just get spanked all over again!!!’

The show, and the spanking, were repeated at Fast Frank’s Place in Middleport the following Saturday, only this time the Naughty Vampire Girl was wearing black panties…

06 Donna Nye 28 Dec

Keep your eyes on the Donna Nye Band at Christmastime – because who knows what Santa will get up to!

07 donna nye

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