Le Médecin Malgré Lui in Latin America

Le Médecin Malgré Lui seems to be a popular play in Latin America, but that doesn’t necessarily mean rich pickings for us. It is often done by schools as well as professional theater companies, often with children playing the adult parts and often with boys playing the women’s parts. Factoring these out still leaves us with a goodly number of productions with women playing Martine, and many of them are young and pretty. But that still doesn’t mean rich pickings for us, because many directors seem quite content to show those pretty young girls being assaulted rather than dealt with in a way we’d prefer: more often than not, Sganarelle will chase his wife around the stage, waving his stick and bringing it down on anywhere except her bottom. Spankings are decidedly in the minority as a choice for playing the scene in question.

And that means that, for what we are about to receive, let us be truly thankful. And the first recipient of our thanks is…


And what a way to start, with a great OTK spanking in this 2007 production from Tijuana:

Five years later, in Querétaro, there’s interesting comic use of slo-mo in this 2012 production:

Also in 2012, in Mexico City:


There are two productions of note, the first, in Pereira in 2010, represented only by a rather nice still:

Medecin 2010 Colombia

And in 2014, here’s how the National Theater of Colombia handled the scene:


In 2014, Angela Peña gets her bottom walloped by Arnaldo Ravagli:


And, as in darts, we end our tour with a double. For this 2013 production in Chacao, we have two versions of the scene. First there’s a rehearsal:

And now in full costume:

There’s more to be seen here, from both Venezuela and Peru.

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