Le Médecin Malgré Lui in Western Europe

This week we continue our occasional series following the peregrinations of Moliere’s comedy outside of its native France. For a general account of the play and some examples of its appearances behind the former Iron Curtain, look here. In this installment, we have a selection of productions from Western Europe, where, regrettably, the scene is less often staged as an OTK spanking than in the east of the continent. But never mind, at least there are still several versions that are closer to spanking than beating. Let’s begin in…


First up, here’s a 2012 touring production by the Theatro Thessaliko company:

Medecin 2012 Greece tour Theatro Thessaliko

(See also here for a video.)

And from 2013:


This next one is from Halle in 2011, and I can’t say I’m 100% sure it is actually the spanking scene… but it is Sganarelle (Hilmar Eichhorn) and Martine (Petra Ehlert), and she does seem to be having a less than happy time of it while horizontal:

Medecin 2011 Germany Buehnen Halle


The play was produced at Spa in August 2014, with Andre Bodart as Sganarelle and Pascale Bonarens (who is also the theater company’s artistic director) getting her bottom whacked as Martine:

Medecin 2014 Spa

And here are Michel Poncelet and Angélique Leleux at the 2011 Brussels Festival:

Medecin 2011 Brussels


Dateline: Montreux, 2006, and it’s a spanking for Nathalie Pfeiffer:

Medecin 2006 Theatre Montreux Riviera


First, a musical version from 1976, of unknown origin but in Italian with German subtitles – which might mean it too belongs in Switzerland.

A good OTK there – and, for those interested in such things, there’s also a brief flash of Martine’s white panties at 12.01.

Next, to Rome in 2011. In case the bit with the broomstick worries you, relax and watch on:

And now to a theater festival at Civitanova in October 2014, where, just for once, Martine got what was indisputably a spanking:

Medecin 2014 Italy


We enter Spain from the north, stopping at Olite in the Pyrenees in July 2013 to see Luis Miguel Izuriaga chastise Adela Guillermo:

Medecin 2013 Olite 2Medecin 2013 Olite

Also staged during that month was this production at Valencia:

And keep the Spanish language in your head… because they speak a lot of it where the play is going next

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