Made in Sweden for Export

Life in Sweden is depressing, according to this television special from 1975. So depressing that even the sight of the Abba girls dancing in very short skirts can’t cheer up the morose populace. (To cheer yourself up with this gladsome sight, watch from 37.20.) Looks as if those desperate Swedes are just going to have to resort to spanking their wives:

Dunno about the Swedes, but I feel better!

Made in Sweden for Export, produced by Leonard Eek, was the Swedish entry in the 1976 Montreux Comedy Awards. Humiliatingly, it lost out to the Norwegian entry, which can only have deepened the depression. Swedish wives, beware!

2 thoughts on “Made in Sweden for Export

  1. says:

    Sweden was the first country to ban beating of children (or wives), in 1969. Luckily for us living in Sweden!


    • Harry says:

      Actually it was in 1979, but I’m guessing your ‘1969’ was just a typo rather than a factual error.

      I’m sorry you seem to suppose that this needs pointing out in this way (unless perhaps you are missing the deliberate wry irony in the article’s tone). Nowadays nobody decent would think the progressive Swedish law to be anything other than a positive development, and of course it is a lead being followed by the other civilised countries of Europe and beyond.

      Obviously this site reflects my strong interest in the imaginative trope of spanking women (not children), but it does not espouse a political, social or cultural position that is anything other than liberal (in the true sense of the word, and not as a synonym for the extreme left, which is often as illiberal as the extreme right). I write about fiction and performance and history, not about anything that ought to be happening for real in today’s world.


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