More from Santa’s Naughty List

Is it too late for a last bit of Santa spanking, until December at least?

Anyone who’s been anywhere near the internet since last Christmas will be well aware that Kendall Jenner…

Kendall Jenner

… made an appearance in the Love Magazine advent calendar entry for December 8 in which we saw an outstanding demonstration, courtesy of Los Angeles celebrity photographer Doug Inglish, of how Santa deals with naughty girls:


This was of course a video, and the spanking split-second can be seen here, should you have missed it so far.

But how could you? The image went viral, it seemed almost at the speed of thought…

Now close your eyes, and wish for a Santa in Paraguay.

You got it! The very next day after Kendall’s  spanking was released, Oscar Coronel, the popular Paraguayan actor and producer, thought this would be a good way to promote a Santa show he was mounting on Christmas Eve in a bar in Asunción. So he recruited another cast member, model Alicia Flores, and took her across his knee:


Sadly the photos weren’t visible for long: the humorless element in Paraguayan society accused him of promoting violence against women, and the publicity was swiftly pulled – the pics were up and down again, all on December 9. It’s a pity: the Paraguay imitation may be technically less sophisticated than the Doug Inglish/Kendall Jenner original, but seen purely as spanking photographs they are just as good – even though unlike Kendall, as Alicia was keen to point out, she didn’t actually get spanked!

If you are interested in Doug Inglish’s work, please visit his website.

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