No Pants Subway Ride: The Best of 2014

The 2014 No Pants Subway Ride took place worldwide that January. If you haven’t heard of it, the background is described here. It’s one of those rare occasions where nobody involved can honestly look askance at you and ask, ‘Are you staring at my panties?’

Looking 1 Looking 2

Of course we’re looking at your panties, dear, that’s the point!

Others seem too preoccupied to worry…


Here are some of the top bottoms from this year’s show.

Panties 1Panties 2Panties 3Panties 4

And here’s an especially nice photo that sums up everything that’s appealing about this event:

Panties 5

No attention seeking, no overt exhibitionism, no bikini bottoms dishonestly pretending to be underwear, just an everyday girl in her everyday clothes who seems to have forgotten her pants and is wandering around in her everyday girly panties.

There was some attention seeking in Brussels, when the Belgian fashion designer Stephanie Anspach hijacked the event to launch her new collection of hand-knitted sweaters. Ten lovely models took the subway in white knee socks and white panties with the name of the collection printed on the seat: ‘Less is Mode’.

Brussels 1Brussels 1aBrussels 2Brussels 2a

They were also wearing sweaters from the range… but I guess not many people were looking that high!

Brussels 3

Meanwhile, back in America, some of the guys are getting masterful:

Carry 1Carry 2

Perhaps mindful of the danger, this gal has spelt things out in the most obvious place:

Hands off

But in contrast…

Hands on

‘Your hand belongs here’ says the seat of her panties. So what are you waiting for, buster?

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