Perfection City

Call Me Creative Web Design is a Baltimore-based photographic firm that in 2004 used its considerable talents to create an online comic strip entitled Perfection City.

The premise of the series is simple. Perfection City was an ordinary town until, one night, a mysterious comet passed across the sky. It had a strange effect on the women of the city: they became ungovernable villainesses!

The city found an unlikely defender of justice when an everyday masked man living in his mom’s basement found his entire collection of comic books had been stolen. In his quest to get them back, he adopted a secret identity and called himself the Hero ‘until I think of something better’ (but he never did). His encounters with the villainesses are often accidental, but they always end with him dispensing summary justice – which usually means a good spanking!


Full of mock-heroic humor and visual inventiveness, Perfection City ran for 31 episodes, 26 of them featuring no fewer than 30 spankings. It folded in 2008, with several further episodes shot but unedited and unpublished. Call Me Creative continues to shoot new episodes in the hope of an eventual relaunch. May it be soon…

The villainesses were created using talent from the worlds of modeling, female wrestling and cosplay, among others. Let’s meet some of them…

Simply Magic


Simply’s true identity is Kristy Kopperfield, a magician’s assistant who has been fired and who takes her revenge on the world by becoming a mistress of magic in her own right. She’s based visually on the DC comics heroine Zatanna.


To play her, CMC engaged the cosplayer Lindze. Here she is:

03 Lindze04 Lindze

Simply was the villainess in the very first episode of Perfection City, in which she robbed the proceeds of an annual charity benefit for the local hospital. But when the Hero confronted her, she dropped her magic wand in the fight, whereupon…

05 Simply Magic06 Simply Magic 2

Dr Prankster


Patricia Prankster is a top scientist who attempts to take over the city by introducing a mind control drug into the water supply. She is one of a minority of the villainesses who don’t get spanked in their first episodes (her initial comeuppance involved mousetraps), but she did make a comeback…

She’s played by the wrestler Becky Bayless.

08 becky bayless

And she later tried to get her revenge on the Hero by lacing his drink with poison. He survived the murder attempt by switching the drinks, and…


No, she didn’t die – she didn’t drink enough. And Becky Bayless returned in two holiday cards from Perfection City to its fans, first for Christmas…


… and then, perhaps less impressively, Valentine’s Day…




She’s played by ‘Penny Dreadful’, who in real life was also the graphic designer who helped to achieve the series’ ‘comic strip’ look.

13 stephanie sacchi14 stephanie sacchi

And when the Hero catches her trying to rob the toy store…


As you can see, she’s not unduly cowed by spanking; as she explains, her mom did it all the time and it never had any effect on her behavior, only her bottom…

Helena Hypno


Psychiatrist Helena is played by model Liana Diaz.

17 Liana Diaz

The Hero encounters her when he has a crisis of confidence, and she uses hypno-therapy on him. Her evil plan is to connect a mind control device to the city’s news broadcasting system, but when he catches her at it, he discovers that their therapy session included something he didn’t ask for: she has implanted a hypnotic suggestion that makes it impossible for him to hit her. She escapes after a failed spanking attempt, but he does his research, overcomes the fluence and visits her in her office to give her something that’s long overdue…


And so, in a first for Perfection City, she gets spanked with her skirt up, on her white panties! The story ends with her resolving to start coming to work in pantsuits, which means that, in a later episode, her attempted revenge goes better for her, albeit only in one respect:


Nurse Evel


‘Bad attitude and complete lack of people skills’ were Melanie Evel’s fatal weakness at nursing school. But like Dr Prankster, her first encounter with the Hero didn’t end with a spanking: instead she got a syringe full of sleeping drug in her behind. She too had a return engagement…

She is played by Paige, who is better known as a graphic artist, and whose work includes this poster for a 2012 burlesque show:

22 Krampus by Paige Pumphrey

And here she is herself:

23 Paige Pumphrey

Her revenge plot entails summoning the Hero for a medical checkup. The outcome is as expected…


You may have spotted where Paige got the pose for her Krampus spanking toon!

Jordy Ash


Fashionista Jordy is played by Jenn Sparks. Her first encounter with the Hero came about because he was assigned to handle security at the press conference to unveil her new range of clothes. But he discovered her plan to use a ‘nude spray’ that dissolved all fabrics except those used in her own clothes, which would give her control of the fashion market. After a spanking, the Hero used the nude spray on her – whereupon it emerged that she was only wearing one garment made by herself, and she had to give the press conference in her panties.

For her revenge visit, she’s equipped with the ‘wedgie ray’, capable of reducing undergarments to half their original size. In the course of the fight, the weapon is turned against her, before…


Her panties weren’t large beforehand, she helpfully tells us, so we can be sure she’s feeling the Hero’s palm through only one layer!

Daniella Diva


Daniella isn’t a resident of Perfection City but a touring pop princess, so her problem is sheer inherent naughtiness rather than comet influence. The name of the model who plays her was never disclosed, but the character is evidently based on…

29 Britney Spears30 Britney Spears

Britney Spears!

The Hero is assigned to handle the security for her visit, which is a real responsibility in view of some recent kidnapping threats. But Daniella isn’t interested in his precautions: she just wants to go out partying. As expected, she gets abducted, but the Hero rescues her, then puts her in another kind of peril from which there is no rescue…

31 32

Hit her, Hero, one more time!

Vikki the Virus


Victoria is majoring in computer science at Perfection University, but by night she’s Vikki the Virus, a hacker who steals from online accounts and has bankrupted companies in the process.

She’s played by model Christy Lenore.

34 Christy Lenore35 Christy Lenore36 Christy LenoreOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There’s a chance you might have encountered Christy before – and being spanked. Under her surname alone, she also appeared on the website Bun Beating Fun, in which models with good attitude play the roles of models with bad attitude, and wind up having their bare bottoms very soundly spanked. ‘Lenore’ shows her bad attitude by asking for more money…

39 Lenore

… so naturally she gets something else entirely:

40 Lenore41 Lenore42 Lenore43 Lenore

It’s all a matter of taste, but personally I prefer what she got when she took money without asking, by hacking into the Hero’s account:




And the last of our selection is an evil thespian (a word that, as you can see, somebody couldn’t spell) who’s playing her one-woman version of Hamlet at the Perfection City Theater. All she craves is audience appreciation.

She’s played by a lady who has had a lot of audience appreciation in her own person, the Pennsylvania singer-songwriter and recording artist Tiffany Apan.

46Tiffany Apan47 Tiffany Apan48 Tiffany Apan49 tiffany apan50 tiffany apan

Unfortunately Ophelia is trying to force appreciation on her audience by introducing a mind-altering gas into the theater’s ventilation system. The Hero’s response is to change to a different Shakespeare play…


Yes, he’s another one who doesn’t know there isn’t a spanking scene in The Taming of the Shrew – but who’s complaining?

There – and I haven’t even introduced you to Undercover Connie the reporter, or Kathy Klepto the Mayor’s thieving daughter, or Princess Jasmine the evil royal, or Natasha the spy, or Harley Davis the biker, let alone GI Jodie the army brat and Lady Midnight the evil spellcaster, whose episodes were shot but never published. This post has been compiled using images that were to be found on free online sites (many of them now defunct), but Perfection City itself was a copyrighted paysite, and may be again in the future. So if you have enjoyed what I have been able to show you of it, consider your appetite whetted!

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