Photographer of the Week: Aaron Hawks

Aaron Hawks is a Brooklyn-based fetish photographer with a decade and a half’s experience. He tends to shoot with dark backgrounds or diffused lighting in environments that are grim and messy, and which are actually hand-built sets in his warehouse studio. As his website explains:

‘Aaron Hawks captures a world that combines illusions and sexuality in settings that are reminiscent of his own childhood meanderings. Old, decrepit hotel rooms and run-down buildings set the stage for his potent observations. His photography saturates the observer in stark environments of loss, loneliness, and pain; yet brilliantly evokes the determined human struggle for solace and understanding. Dissecting fantasies from the sexual subconscious and distilling questions of power, pride, and will; Aaron Hawks continues to explore the fringes of the observed.’

His interest in fetish led him to publish a book of photographs entitled The Ugly Truth Behind the LA Fetish Scene. One of these ugly truths appears to be a spanked bottom:

Aaron Hawks Ugly Truth

And spanking does indeed often feature in his work, though frequently in a style that is a little stark for my personal taste:

Aaron Hawks600x600Aaron Hawks she_asked_for_it_by_aaron_hawksAaron Hawks tumblr_n3gvt5oKwU1t12b8bo1_500

I guess what I find most disappointing about these images is the way the selected angle of shooting serves to diminish the personality of the girl. So the best of his spanking portfolio, for my money, is an F/F shoot entitled ‘Domestic Dispute’, set in what appears to be an abandoned bedroom. The first model we meet is Simone Kross:

Aaron Hawks Simone Kross

She’s a professional dominatrix and self-styled ‘fetish superstar’, so you’ll not be surprised to know that she’s going to be doing the spanking. The bottom she’ll be doing it to belongs to Emily Addison:

Aaron hawks emily addisonAaron hawks emily

And they’re off!

Aaron Hawks Domestic DisputeAaron Hawks simone__s_sassy_submissive_by_emilyaddison-d32fsqj

Unlike in the M/F pictures, Emily gets to look round at the camera… ‘Oh no, I’m being spanked!’

If you are interested in Aaron Hawks’ work, please visit his website.

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