Photographer of the Week: Adam Mars

Today’s photographer is Adam Mars, who’s based in San Marcos, Texas, where he runs the firm Lucky Devil Pin Ups. He does the usual range of pin-up themes, but so far there are only two spanking photos in his portfolio, both from the same shoot in March 2014. It’s another ‘Bettie Page’-style turnabout scenario with two female models. Let’s meet them.

Frankie Sinister, otherwise known as Sabra Johnsin, is also a stripper.

Lucky Devil Pin Ups Frankie

And Kimber Fox, who also works under the name Roxy VyxSin, is also a burlesque performer:

Lucky Devil Pin Ups Kimber 1Lucky Devil Pin Ups KimberLucky Devil Pin Ups Kimber 2Lucky Devil Pin Ups Kimber 3

Here’s Kimber about to give Frankie what for:

Lucky Devil Pin Ups Kimber Fox & Frankie sinisterlucky-devil-pinups

And here’s Frankie’s revenge:

Lucky Devil Pin Ups Frankie Sinister & Kimber Fox

If you are interested in Adam’s work, please visit his website. For a little more of his spanking photography, go here and here.

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