Photographer of the Week: Austin Young

Austin Young is based in Los Angeles. Unlike a lot of the photographers in this series, his work rarely draws its inspiration from feminine beauty; on the contrary, he is noted for his pictures documenting the West Coast’s drag and transgender scene. But a commission in 2009 resulted in something that seems to be unique in his portfolio: a spanking photograph.

The objective was to publicize a forthcoming art exhibition at LA’s World of Wonder gallery: Bettie Page: Heaven Bound … so the subject matter was almost self-selecting!

And now let’s meet the models. Here’s Lenora Claire:

Austin Young lenoranewheadshot

And here’s Lenora Claire:

Austin Young 1929385_64835403491_3284452_n

(Yes, you did read that right,)

And here’s Lenora Claire, dressed as Bettie Page, being spanked by … herself!

Austin young 3445179991_0b4aac9b24_o

An intermittent theme in this series is how to do a spanking shoot with limited resources: we’ve had F/F switch shoots, we’ve had lone models spanked by inanimate objects … but this is the first time Photoshop has played a decisive part in the creation of the image, to turn one model into two.

Lenora was the curator of the Bettie Page exhibition, and later enthusiastically described the photo session, which took place on April 15, 2009:

‘I absolutely love working with Austin. Everything about the shoot was hilarious. Designer Marco Marco who created my outfit stood in for the Bettie Lenora so I knew about where my spanking hand should go for the first shot before it got superimposed with the Lenora Bettie. I had to bite the inside of my cheek to die from laughing. It’s really hard to make a risque shot like that come off the right way but I knew Austin would find the right balance between glamor and humor. He’s absolutely amazing.’

If you are interested in Austin’s absolutely amazing work, please visit his website.

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