Photographer of the Week: Autumn Luciano

This week’s photographer is Autumn Luciano, who nicknames herself ‘Naughty Autie’. Here she is having a ‘Marilyn Moment’:

autumn luciano herself

She runs the photography firm Decadence Dolls, which is based in Lansing, Michigan, and specializes in retro pin-up work:

‘I created Decadence Dolls in the fall of 2009, not only because of my love of the past, pin up, and the vintage life style, but also because I truly enjoy helping women see how beautiful they really are. I love seeing their confidence rise as they see their photos for the first time. It is an empowering, fun, and sexy way for women to express themselves.’

Some of her early work was influenced by Irving Klaw, with predictably less than impressive results:

Decadence Dolls 01aDecadence Dolls 01b

The model being spanked is Jack Früt, by the way. Here’s a closer look at her:

Decadence Dolls 1c Jack Frut

In the Klaw shoot she was across the lap of Valerie Glitterbiscuits. These models do adopt the most ludicrous professional names… but the best of them all is coming up in a moment!

Autumn seems to have quickly cottoned on to the fact that this wasn’t quite what many of her clients wanted, so the Klaw influence was channeled into another side of her work that we’ll come to later on, and she began to concentrate on straight pin-up photography, often featuring couples. And when couples do retro pin-up, the results are often to our particular taste!

Let’s begin with a lady whose real name is Lila Link, but who works under a name that may be not only professional but prophetic: Scarlet Bottum:

Decadence Dolls 02 Scarlet BottumDecadence Dolls 03 Scarlet Bottum

Here she is with her real-life husband, Jason Link:

Decadence Dolls 04 Scarlet Bottum & Jason LinkDecadence Dolls 05 Scarlet Bottum & Jason Link

And here he is giving Scarlet Bottum … a scarlet bottom:


The shoot was on November 21, 2011, and in case you’re wondering, she’s not a real redhead!

Now meet Eileen Allure, also known as Leena Mynx:

Decadence Dolls 07 Eileen AllureDecadence Dolls 09 Eileen AllureDecadence Dolls 08 Eileen Allure

We’ve encountered her already, in fact: she’s the kneeling maid in the Klaw-styled photo we looked at first. Now here she is in a ’50s-style diner in a sequence shot at Port Huron on March 26, 2012:

Decadence Dolls 10 Eileen AllureDecadence Dolls 11 Eileen Allure

She seems to have attracted a little attention from Nick:

Decadence Dolls 12 Eileen Allure

And now she finds out that, as she put it later, ‘Nick has a good authoritative hand’:


As a bonus, the Decadence Dolls promo video offers a glimpse behind the scenes showing that last one being set up:

That was a shoot with professional models for issue 6 of Delicious Dolls Magazine

Decadence Dolls 14

… but Autumn also works with non-professional clients who simply want cute retro pictures of themselves, like Tom and Melissa here.

Decadence Dolls 15 Tom and Melissa

They seem to have enjoyed that kitchen spanking so much that they had another one taken in more intimate setting:

Decadence Dolls 16 Tom and Melissa

Then there’s this couple, who had themselves photographed for Christmas 2014 in terrific style:

Decadence Dolls 10841982_10152916383346718_6584271187595882023_o

Also for that Christmas, Autumn arranged a special shoot on November 30 for four naughty girls who didn’t deserve a visit from Santa Claus. Instead, they got to meet… a real live Krampus!

Decadence Dolls Krampus 4Decadence Dolls Krampus 3Decadence Dolls Krampus 2Decadence Dolls Krampus 1

Recognize the girl in the green top? She’s none other than Autumn herself! Kelly Swanson held the camera for her… and her reward was to be the girl in the second photo!

Now, I said earlier that Autumn used the Klaw influence elsewhere in her work. One thing you may have noticed in this series is that there seems to be a relationship between pin-up photography and burlesque performance. This is another string to Autumn’s bow: she runs the Michigan burlesque show Tease-a-Gogo, which sometimes features a bit of onstage spanking action.

Decadence Dolls 17 Tease a GogoDecadence Dolls 18 Tease a Gogo Sadie Sparkes spanks

In that second one, the blonde spanker was Sadie Sparkles, who is also a member of the Klaw Mark Kittens, a burlesque catfight/wrestling troupe that Autumn directs. And, yes, the ‘Klaw’ in their name is entirely to the point. Here’s one of their publicity photos, shot by Autumn:

Decadence Dolls 19 Klaw Mark Kittens pub

You may not recognize the girl being spanked, but in fact it’s Sadie Sparkles again, minus her blonde wig. She’s across the lap of Patsy Pearl, who also got to wallop her bottom in their 2011 show:

Decadence Dolls 20 Klaw Mark Kittens 2011

But in catfights, there’s always a risk of turnabout. The Kittens’ 2012 show featured a proper OTK spanking on black panties, and this time it was Patsy who couldn’t sit down afterwards, thanks to the tender ministrations of Va Va Valentine. Here’s the scene in two different performances:

Decadence Dolls 21 Klaw Mark Kittens 2012Decadence Dolls 22 Klaw Mark Kittens 2011

Here are the Kittens sending holiday greetings to their fans:

Did you recognize the set? It’s the same room where Autumn shot that Christmas spanking couple we were admiring earlier.

Sadie Sparkles got a Santa spanking in the Kittens’ 2014 Christmas show:

Kendall D Lartigue klaw mark kittens naughty list sadie sparkles & ed venture 1Klaw Mark Kittens Xmas 2014 Sadie Sparkles

She wasn’t the only naughty girl in the show:

Kendall D Lartigue Xmas 2014 Klaw Mark k 2

And there were a couple of non-Santa spankings, too:

Kendall D Lartigue Xmas 2014 Klaw Mark k 1Kendall D Lartigue Xmas 2014 Klaw Mark k

Then there was Valentine’s Day 2015:

Klaw Mark Kittens 2015 1Klaw Mark Kittens 2015 2

And the spankings just go on and on…

Klaw Mark Kittens 2015

If you are interested in Autumn’s pin-up work…

Decadence dolls 23

… then please visit her website. More of her spanking photography may be seen here and here.

Meanwhile, the Klaw Mark Kittens…

Decadence Dolls 24 Klaw Mark Kittens

… may be found here.

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