Photographer of the Week: Baron S. Cameron

This week we return to Vancouver, and once again we meet the burlesque cosplayer Riannaconda, who was last seen in Russian military uniform spanking Dezi Desire. Just to remind you, one of her cosplay alter-egos is Catwoman:

Culture Thug 01 RiannacondaCulture Thug 02 RiannacondaCulture Thug 03 Riannaconda

A few weeks before the Russian shoot, on June 25, 2013, she worked for the firm Culture Thug Photography, whose photographer is Baron S. Cameron. He shoots fashion shows, street life, nature … anything that takes his fancy, including those Catwoman pics of Riannaconda. He says:

‘Beauty should not be dictated but discovered. There is beauty in everything and I seek to document it all.’

But he does also do creative shoots where he’s arguably more in control, and this was one of them. The title of the photo set is ‘Bubble Bubble, Tea and Trouble’, and the other model is Justine Sane. Here she is:

Culture Thug 04 Justine Sane

And here’s what happened to her when Riannaconda got hold of her:

Culture Thug 05

Culture Thug 06Culture Thug 07

Afterwards they both had a bowl of Cheerios. Justine obviously couldn’t sit down to eat hers.

Culture Thug 07a

But hang on! Naughty girls are supposed to eat their breakfast off the mantlepiece after they’ve been spanked – not become the breakfast table themselves!

Culture Thug 08

And what about the ‘bubble bubble’ side of it? Well, after the spanking and the Cheerio tea party, the two girls took a bubble bath together!

So, goodbye, Justine. See you again soon, Riannaconda … when it’ll be your turn to get spanked!

Fast forward now to 2014, and meet another burlesque dancer from what must be a thriving Vancouver scene, Dolly Dynamite:

Culture Thug 10 Dolly

Dolly came to Culture Thug with an idea for a photo shoot. Apparently Baron didn’t like it… and as she continued explaining it, he liked it less and less. There was only one thing to do: he got drunk and did it anyway! The title is ‘So… That Happened’, and features Dolly playing rather a messy brat who’s glammed herself up with ill-fitting false eyelashes:

Culture Thug 11

Her mommy and daddy don’t seem very pleased with her:

Culture Thug 11aCulture Thug 12

And when Mommy is cross… this happens:

Culture Thug 14

Mommy is played by model Mel, and Daddy is her boyfriend.

Baron later conceded that he had been wrong about the idea: both he and Dolly loved how the spanking photo turned out!

If you are interested in Culture Thug’s work, please visit Baron’s website.

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