Photographer of the Week: Carrie Meyer

This week’s photographer is Carrie Meyer, who is based in St Louis, Missouri, where she runs Insomniac Studios. Her website says:

‘Regardless of her photographic subject matter, all Carrie’s work shares certain commonalities. The clarity of the images represented, thoughtful composition, and the meaning of the moments in time that she captures characterize her work. The foundation of her work builds out from the strength and power of the basic images, and the personality, of her subjects.’

She’s particularly interested in photographing performers, and one of her regular clients is the burlesque comedy troupe the Randy Dandies. For Christmas 2011 they did a shoot with her entitled ‘Bad Santa’ with Chris Barnhart playing the title role.

Let’s meet Santa’s first visitor: Mimi Le Yu, the lead comedienne of the Randy Dandies.

Carrie Meyer 01 Mimi

Here she is in one of their shows:

Carrie Meyer 02 Mimi Le Yu

And here’s what happened when she paid a visit to Santa:

Carrie Meyer 03Carrie Meyer 04

Santa’s next caller was the twerker and self-styled ‘powerhouse of the Midwest burlesque’ Jeez Loueez.

Carrie Meyer 05 Jeez LoueezCarrie Meyer 05a Jeez Loueez

Santa has a powerhouse of his own… and here he puts it to work:

Carrie Meyer 06

And finally, meet Bettie LaBootie.

carrie meyer 07 betty labootie

She must have been naughtier than the others, because look how Santa treated her!

Carrie Meyer 08

There’s a just a hint that the Randy Dandies might have considered returning to this theme in their 2012 seasonal shoot with Insomniac Studios.

Carrie Meyer 09

But if Santa has any such designs on the rear end of Greta Garter, it seems the evidence never made it inside Carrie’s camera.

If you are interested in Carrie’s work, please visit her website.

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