Photographer of the Week: Chira Tane

Today’s photographer, Chira Tane, is based in Germany. The shoot we’re looking at was done in 2013 as a promo for the band DK Denz, fronted by Chira’s good friend Dennis Korn, who also appears in the pictures. The girl is Annette Rödde. Here she is looking like the girl next door.

Chira Tane 01 Annette Roedde

She looks rather different in Chira’s photos, which are a grim set, shot in a gloomy cellar and exploring themes of dominance and submission.

Chira Tane 02

Perhaps inevitably, that means one of the things Dennis did to Annette that day was chain her to a pillar:

Chira Tane 03Chira Tane 04Chira Tane 05

It was a slightly more promising shot that made it to the cover of the band’s CD:

Chira Tane 06

It only took a tug on that chain, and Annette wound up in a much more pleasing predicament:

Chira Tane 07

A few of the non-spanking photographs from the shoot were used in videos for the band’s sadistic songs Junges Mädchen (Young Girl) and Ketten aus Stahl (Chains of Steel), which you can watch here and here… though personally, I wouldn’t bother!

If you are interested in Chira Tane’s work, please visit her online portfolio.

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