Photographer of the Week: Cindy Torres

Today’s photographer, Cindy Torres, is based in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico. Like a lot of people, she got started just for fun: she began taking pin-up snaps of her friend Bootleg Betty, and they enjoyed it. So they teamed up to create the firm F&F Pinup, which specializes in shooting models who are larger than the usual pin-up girl. Cindy explains:

‘I myself am a plus size woman and never wanted my picture taken, after having a evening with Betty and getting all fancied up I felt like the most beautiful gal in the world. I love to share that feeling with all women! It does not matter your size or shape, We Are ALL Beautiful!!’

Here’s Betty:

F&F Pinup Bootleg Betty

And here’s the other model, Sara Saint Sin:

F&F Pinup Sara St Sin

And when Betty met Sara:

F&F Pinup 1

If you are interested in Cindy’s work, please visit her website.

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