Photographer of the Week: Clarissa Bones

Clarissa Bones is today’s photographer, though she says she considers herself more of a ‘visual artist’ than a photographer. She’s based in Brisbane, Australia, and her studio is called Raw Bones. Like most photographers in this series, she’s interested in the female form. She says:

‘I use the nude and heightened sexuality in many of my pieces to reflect the dominant and submissive roles often played by women. The alluring, soothing nature of the curve of the body juxtaposing the strength and confidence of the angles used help shift the power play from viewer to model.’

The shoot we’re going to be looking at took place on May 16, 2009. The inspiration was drawn from fetish culture, so don’t expect any real-life back story, and it was a ‘switch’ shoot, which means you’re going to see both girls getting spanked. So now, without further ado, let’s meet the models.

First, here’s Lauren Rebelle, who describes herself as a pin-up, fetish and ‘alternative fashion’ model:

Rawbones 01 Lauren RebelleRawbones 02 Lauren Rebelle

She has some experience when it comes to spanking, as you can see from this sequence with another Queensland model, Lita Lynx (in red), showing several different uses for a hairbrush:

Rawbones 03 Lauren Rebelle  and Lita Lynx

But her partner in Clarissa’s photos is going to be the redheaded burlesque performer Miss B. B. le Buff:

Rawbones 04 BB le buff

I said redheaded, B. B.!

Rawbones 05 BBRawbones 06 BB

No, red!

Rawbones 07 BBRawbones 09 BB

That’s better…

It’s B. B. who gets to go first:

Rawbones 10

The next one is an especial favorite with Clarissa:

Rawbones 11

Careful, B. B.! Lauren needs to be able to sit down for the next part of the shoot – though you may not be doing much of that yourself afterwards…

Rawbones 12

Is that mounting panic I see on your face, B. B.?

Rawbones 13

Could it be, B. B., that you just realized you made a very poor choice of panties for this shoot?

rawbones 14

Does B. B. really stand  for ‘Bare Bottom’?

As fetish shots go, these are really rather good: the girls are properly in position for their spankings and B. B. in particular makes an alluringly distressed victim. Yay for all three ladies!

If you are interested in Clarissa’s work, please visit her website.

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