Photographer of the Week: Dan Morrill

Dan Morrill works in Seattle for Studio 5 Graphics. He’s interested in vintage ideas of beauty and recreating old-style shots of vaudeville showgirls, and he also shoots a lot of cosplay and horror themed images.

But his work doesn’t naturally lend itself to spanking. Why? Because it’s only in a small minority of shoots that he uses more than one model.

But on May 12, 2012, he found an inventive solution to that problem. Here are the models:

Dan Morrill (0)

And here’s the spanking:

Dan Morrill (1) Dan Morrill (2) Dan Morrill (3)

I guess that could be a horror shoot of sorts: attack of the spanking teddy!

If you are interested in Dan Morrill’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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