Photographer of the Week: Elaine Turso

Some commercial photographers offer a service on commission to clients who aren’t professional models, but who want some pictures that will make them look (and, hopefully, feel) sexy. This is usually called ‘boudoir photography’, but there is also an equivalent in the pin-up genre. It’s often used by wives who want to create unique and intimate gifts for their husbands, but sometimes couples get photographed together… and when it’s pin-up, they’ll be doing something together which is retro and cute. Sounds promising…

One photographer who works in this way is Elaine Turso, who’s based in Bremerton up in Washington State. But she’s behind the camera, whereas the person we really need to meet is Veda Vogue, otherwise known as Griffin Cooper:

Elaine Turso Veda Vogue 732ad7c6dcae11e189de22000a1e95dd_7Elaine Turso Veda Vogue port

She’s a retro enthusiast who works for a vintage clothing business in Bremerton, and has also done some pin-up shoots.

Elaine Turso Veda Vogue 999810_683418868351581_1571044905_nVeda Vogie

So it was obvious how she and her partner Keir Burnette were going to get themselves photographed by Elaine Turso in June 2013 in preparation for the festive season. As good luck would have it, their favorite photo from the shoot was this one:

Elaine Turso

They liked it so much, they put it on their Christmas cards… so all their friends and family got to see Veda getting spanked!

That watermark is a bit annoying, isn’t it? I can’t get rid of it altogether, but I can move it down a bit…


If you are interested in Elaine Turso’s work, please visit her website.

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