Photographer of the Week: François Benveniste

This series will present and celebrate the work of photographers whose portfolios include spanking shots.

When it comes to spanking photography, I’m quite hard to please. Partly, I guess, that’s because a lot of commercially produced spanking material doesn’t hit my particular buttons or simply isn’t very well done. But contrariwise, when it comes to professional photography that might occasionally feature a spanking shot, I’m quite easy to please. Again, that’s partly because a lot of professional camerawork is simply better, artistically and technically, than some of the kink-specific work I’ve seen; and it’s also the case that, paradoxically, many non-spanko photographers have a much better sense of attractive OTK positioning. But there’s more to it than that…

On commercial spanking sites, the spanking itself is the thing they are trying to sell you: it’s the reason you go there. But what I like is the sense of being ‘surprised by mainstream’: the unexpected encounter with a spanking shot in a non-spanko context, a picture that has some connection with real life, in one of its many aspects, rather than something created within and for a self-selecting spanking subculture. The spanking arises from something authentic, not merely because there is a market of spanking enthusiasts to service. So in a sense, part of my kink is for the absence of kink.

The photographers whose work will be shown here are a diverse bunch, some of them specializing in glamor and pinup, some in general fetish work, some in the kind of broad commercial photography that covers weddings and lifestyle; but none of them will be primarily spanking artists. Wherever possible I shall try to say something about the photographer and the models, not only out of respect but also because putting the spanking image into its real-life context will locate it as a piece of mainstream work.

This will be a world tour taking in at least three continents, from Moscow to Seattle, but it begins in Boulogne in the north of France, where photographer François Benveniste currently lives and works.

I could begin by showing you François’ picture, but I think you’d prefer to be introduced to someone prettier. Her name is Mag.

francois benveniste Mag 0francois benveniste Mag 1

She models regularly for François, who specializes in nudes…

francois benveniste Mag 2francois benveniste Mag 3

… so it was a problem when Mag turned up for a shoot on August 7, 2012 having got herself a suntan, complete with tanlines – whereupon François gave her another sort of tanning on the part the sun didn’t reach.

Francois Benveniste never_get_a_sun_tan_if_you_shoot_______by_fb101-d6efzxk

But afterwards, by the looks of it, there wasn’t much else they could do with themselves on that particular shoot:

Francois Benveniste never_get_a_sun_tan_if_you_shoot_______by_fb101-d6efzxk2

This wasn’t the first time François put a model across his knee. Here’s Jordane, on March 31, 2010, getting a dose of what he calls ‘model management’:

Francois Benveniste Jordane S

These photos are nicely posed, well performed and beautifully shot. Who needs specialist spanking erotica when we have mainstream?

If you would like to see more of François Benveniste’s work, please visit his website.

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