Photographer of the Week: Grace Adams-Moss

Today we are going to look at a shoot by Grace Adams-Moss, an experienced photographer based in Sandy Springs, Georgia, whose firm is called Bodhi Tree Photography. She describes her work as ‘making reality fantasy and vice-versa’.

She does some ‘commercial couples’ work (engagements and weddings), rationing herself to one a month, and enjoys pin-up photography, which she says is ‘cute, sweet, sexy and sometimes a little tempting’.

Bodhi Tree 01

Sometimes she goes in for a sultrier ‘boudoir’ style:

Bodhi Tree 02

But what she loves most of all is photographing superheroes, sometimes from the most pleasing angles.

Bodhi Tree 03 Catwoman 390482_10150241930214981_1645891910_nBodhi Tree 04 Domino 13925_10150282606399981_104512939_nBodhi Tree 05 Harley 10679625_10150428732619981_8063303760687980590_o

She’s a confirmed comic book fan, and describes her work with cosplayers as ‘going back to my childhood with an adult imagination’. She started shooting at Dragoncon in 1976, back at its very beginning, and became the convention’s official photographer in 2006.

The shoot we’re looking at today took place at Pittsburgh Comicon on September 29, 2013, and was planned as an attempt to crossbreed cosplay with the Bettie Page genre of pin-up.

So let’s meet the models. First, here’s Freddie Nova, who prides herself on being known as one of the ‘Hotties of Cosplay’:

Bodhi Tree 06 Freddie 10689627_1570053289885304_3484311938692636873_n

Here’s Holly Golightly, who works as a comic book artist when she’s not cosplaying…

Bodhi Tree 07 Holly 1375906_10151619747470925_561223661_n

… or indulging in other pursuits:

Bodhi Tree 08 Holly 553562_465232373494978_528948978_n

And here’s ‘Victoria Cosplay’, whose real name is Victoria Lee Centeno.

Bodhi Tree 09 Victoria 400923_10150603443256183_294503566_nBodhi Tree 10 Victoria 556878_10151332003641183_65936785_nBodhi Tree 10a VictoriaBodhi Tree 11 Victoria 172606_10150154678881183_7076094_o

Which role is she going to take in the spanking cosplay? Will she be Wonder Woman?

Bodhi Tree 12 Victoria

Or Supergirl?

Bodhi Tree 12a Victoria Supergirl

Or Catwoman?

Bodhi Tree 13 Victoria CatwomanBodhi Tree 14 Victoria CatwomanBodhi Tree 15 Victoria CatwomanBodhi Tree 16 Victoria Catwoman

Or a girl whose spanking track record really ought to be picked up in cosplay circles, Lois Lane?

Bodhi Tree 17 Victoria Lois

Or even Rose Tyler from Doctor Who? Please?

Bodhi Tree 18 Victoria Rose

No, today she’s going to be … Betty Rubble from The Flintstones!

Bodhi Tree 19

And, if you know anything at all about The Flintstones, you’ll savor the irony that the role of Wilma is taken by Freddie!

Bodhi Tree 20Bodhi Tree 21Bodhi Tree 22

Bodhi Tree 23

Here they are encountering some mysterious new gadget:

Bodhi Tree 24

But Wilma seems to think Betty has been naughty:

Bodhi Tree 25

And she knows what to do about that: Betty gets boned!

Bodhi Tree 26

But what about Holly Golightly, I hear you ask? She wasn’t originally part of the shoot: she just happened to be visiting the room with her husband, comic book publisher Jim Balent, who snapped some photos of his own. And, as you can see, Wilma is getting an idea…

Bodhi Tree 26a

… and now Holly is getting the bone:

Bodhi Tree 27Bodhi Tree 28Bodhi Tree 29

The idea for the shoot came from Freddie, and she ran up the dresses in just one hour. Aren’t you glad she didn’t have more fabric to work with?

Bodhi Tree 30

That’s Victoria and Freddie with photographer Grace, the other woman we have to thank for the shoot. If you are interested in her work, please visit her website.

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