Photographer of the Week: Jimmy Deas

Self-taught, part-time pin-up photographer Jimmy Deas is based in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, but for the 2013 shoot we’re featuring today he traveled to Birmingham in the English Midlands, where the modeling agency Pin-Up Academy arranges regular studio days.

The two models worked closely together for years before one of them retired earlier in 2014 to start a family. October DiVine is the co-owner of the Pin-up Academy, and says that, through modeling,

‘I hope to become a stronger and more positive person who can be looked at as a role model for females old and young to show that being pale and wearing big knickers can be sexy!!’

James Deas 01 October

James Deas 02 OctoberJames Deas 03 October

We have already encountered October, shooting for Tease and Cake in July 2014 and experiencing some confusion over whether she was being smacked or spanked. (She was only being smacked, more’s the pity.)

The other half of the partnership has now retired: Sinderella Rockafella, here showing us what she describes as her ‘best side’:

James Deas 04 SinderellaJames Deas 05 SinderellaJames Deas 06 SinderellaJames Deas 07 SinderellaJames Deas 08 SinderellaJames Deas 09 Sinderella

According to Jimmy, Sinderella is a ‘naughty minx’ who misbehaved on the shoot, and the consequence was ‘DiVine Intervention’ – which also happens to be the title of this photo.

James Deas 10 Divine Intervention

Sinderella herself commented: ‘I’m always being naughty, good job I have my Wife to spank it out of me!’ (She was only joking, of course – both models are married, but to husbands, not each other!)

If you are interested in Jimmy’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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