Photographer of the Week: John Tisbury

So far as I know, today’s photographer has never shot a spanking photograph in the strictest sense of the term. But when you’re dealing with a photographer as distinguished as Northamptonshire-based John Tisbury, you can be sure the imagery is going to be pretty striking anyway. He’s a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and was named Erotic Artist of the Year 2010 by Jade Magazine, and Best Photographer of 2012 by the Guild of Erotic Artists. He mainly shoots in classy black-and-white.

His website comments:

‘Fetish photography can mean different things to different people, there are so many different types of fetish. John Tisbury likes to work with different fetish genres in his imagery and pushes his ideas and creativity to introduce many fetish elements into his photography. Be it fetish clothing like latex, leather or PVC, or elements of bondage, restraints, submissive and dominance. He loves to explore different ideas and creates fetish photographs that make people think, consider and comment on even if they are not into that type of fetish. His photography mixes eroticism and fetish together to create memorable images that provoke feelings and emotions on many levels. Fetish photography is more than just snapping people in weird clothing or tied up to a bed, true fetish photography is about making it real and capturing those intimate moments where photographer and model, or photographer and customer work together to create art. Fetish photography involves capturing the heart and soul of both the model and photographer.’

Here’s an example of his work:

John Tisbury pants_down Model KayCee

The photo is entitled ‘Pants Down’, and the bare bottom belongs to lingerie model Katy Cee. Here she is with her pants up:

John Tisbury Katy Cee

But Katy isn’t the model we’re mainly interested in today. Meet Auburn Rose:

John Tisbury Auburn Rose 1John Tisbury Auburn Rose 1b

One of her specialities is ballet-themed modeling:

John Tisbury Auburn Rose B1John Tisbury Auburn Rose B2John Tisbury Auburn Rose B3

So when John Tisbury photographed her, it was rather like an uncommonly bad day for La Fille Mal Gardee! This powerful photo is entitled ‘Cane Time’:

John Tisbury cane_time_by_johntisbury-d4zrxb6

If you are interested in John Tisbury’s work, please visit his website.

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