Photographer of the Week: Johnny Blaze

I am not fond of fetish. When I look at a spanking photograph, I want to know the story. I want the sense of a plausible situation that led to the girl getting spanked, or at least a sense that the scene has its own internal logic as a work of art. If the spanker is wearing a hood, I want to know the reason for it, and I won’t find any satisfaction if the answer is that he and the girl are playing fetish games: that’s not what spanking is for! Dungeon settings are not my cup of tea unless there’s a genuine historical scenario in play, and I get little out of scenes featuring spanking implements and other props that only exist because they were created for sexual purposes. A bit like fetish spanking photos themselves, I guess…

What this means is that, to catch my attention at all, spanking photographs in the fetish genre have to meet a high standard in terms of the pose and the model’s performance: if they’ll never be my favorites, they may still be good spanking pictures in their own terms. And that’s where we introduce Nottingham-based Jonathan Hammond, who works as a photographer under the name Jonny Blaze. He specializes in erotica and fetish photography and tries to create dramatic images that draw viewers in and make them feel part of the situation. He has published two volumes of his fetish work, The Little Book of Fetish I and II.

He says he likes his models to have attitude. Here’s one who had maybe a bit more attitude than was good for her.

Blaze Photography

Her name’s Mini Miu, and she’s a Japanese model based in Amsterdam. Here’s some of her other work:

Blaze photo mini miuBlaze photo miniBlaze mini m

And this is what happened to her when she came to Nottingham:

Blaze Photography S2Blaze Photography S3Blaze Photography S4

That was on November 14, 2010, and the guy in the hood is male model Gary ‘Darkcell’ White. She was new to fetish work and quite in awe of it – and also rather cold, given the time of year and what she was wearing. But maybe not all of her stayed cold! Later on she was stunned to see her vulnerable fishnetted bottom on the front of a book: Jonny used that last spanking shot as the cover of the first Little Book of Fetish!

Blaze mini m unc

This wasn’t Jonny’s first venture into spanking photography. When he was at college, he did a pin-up shoot in the style of Bettie Page, with inevitable consequences for the prettier of the two models:

Blaze p art college

And that’s a genre we’ll be coming back to shortly. Meanwhile, if you are interested in Jonny Blaze’s work, please visit his website. Mini Miu, who’s quite charming really and quite devoid of attitude, also has a website for you to visit.

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