Photographer of the Week: Kim Anderson

Today’s photographer is Kim Anderson, who is based in Perth, Western Australia, where she runs the firm Shoot the Wicked Witch.

Shoot the Wicked Witch 00

Her specialisms include band photography, burlesque performers … and pin-up.

Today’s models are Jade Homemaker…

Shoot the Wicked Witch 01 jade

… and Lillie Jean…

Shoot the Wicked Witch 02 Lillie Jean

The shoot we’re interested in took place on December 6, 2009. It was a one-model pin-up session with a Christmas theme, and the model was Jade.

Shoot the Wicked Witch 03Shoot the wicked witch 04

And, as we all know by now, single-model sessions are rarely going to be of interest to us. But then Lillie Jean turned up unexpectedly, and the shoot took a different turn.

Shoot the Wicked Witch 05shoot the wicked witch 06

And once you have two models on a Christmas shoot, the main thing to decide is, who gets to be Santa?

Shoot the Wicked Witch 07

Looks like Lillie… I mean, Santa’s not pleased to find naughty Jade opening her presents early!

shoot the wicked witch 08

And another thing we all know by now is … what Santa does with naughty girls!

Shoot the Wicked Witch 09

If you are interested in Kim Anderson’s work, please visit her website.

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