Photographer of the Week: Konrad Bak

Stock photography deals in generic images of anything and everything, that are offered for sale and can be put to whatever use the purchaser desires. If, say, you were the art editor of a magazine and wanted to illustrate an article with a picture of a bodybuilder, or a fluffy kitten, or a spanking, you wouldn’t go out and photograph a bodybuilder, or a fluffy kitten, or a spanking – you would source an image from one of the stock agencies, who might supply you with something like this, by a Dublin-based photographer nicknamed ‘Photo Dora’:


… or maybe (if you weren’t fussy about having a photograph), something like this:


(You can go and find the bodybuilders and fluffy kittens for yourselves.)

Today’s photographer works in the stock industry, and indeed a good number of his pictures have been selected to feature on book covers, no doubt because of  the originality and creativity he brings to a potentially anodyne end of the business. His name is Konrad Bak, and he is based in Wroclaw in Poland. Here’s an example of him being original in front of the camera as well as behind it:

Konrad smacks

He says he is especially interested in capturing the beauty of the female form. Who isn’t? The particular female form whose beauty we’ll be admiring today belongs to a model called Angela (who also works under the name Angelika). Here she is:

konrad 000Konrad 00

Happy blonde woman in bedKonrad 000b

(Looks like one of those fluffy kittens got in after all…)

Our interest is in a series of stock photographs that Konrad took on June 24, 2009. They have an office setting.

Konrad 01

It seems that the various stock agencies that picked up the series didn’t quite know what to make of it, because it is assigned quite a range of different titles from website to website: ‘relationships between boss and secretary’, ‘businessman and businesswoman flirting in the office’, ‘romancing in business team’ or just plain ‘office sex’.

Konrad 02

For sheer blundering literalness, though, it’s hard to beat ‘symbolic photo of relationships in business team’!

What are these relationships, then? Well, obviously the boss has designs on his secretary. And who can blame him?

konrad 03

Should he smack?

Konrad 04

How about an indecent proposal?

konrad 05

Come, sit on my knee.

konrad 06

What do you mean, you don’t want my hand there?

konrad 07

Then we’ll just have to try putting it somewhere else!

Symbolic photo of relationships in business team

Nuts to ‘symbolic photo of relationships in business team’: that’s quite simply a superbly posed and superbly shot spanking photograph!

If you are interested in Konrad’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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