Photographer of the Week: Kriss van Acker

Kriss van Acker lives with his wife Kate and their young son in Saint-Restitut in the south east of France. He divides his time between commercial and artistic photography, which means in practice between weddings and creativity. It’s his creative side that concerns us today.

One of his most distinctive lines is a series of shots of models who are ‘wearing’ milk, like this curvy golfeuse (Coralie Romero-Ordoñez, who may sound Spanish, but who lives in Toulouse).

Kriss van Acker 01

Or how about these shots of Lisa Chevallier, showing that nowadays you can get just about anything at the supermarket?

Kriss van acker 02 Lisa ChevallierKriss van Acker 03

But I digress. The shoot we’re looking at took place on March 17, 2014, at the Chateau de Gourdon, near Nice, which Kriss had used for a wedding shoot not long before. It involved no fewer than sixteen models, most of them women. The one we want to pay closest attention to is called Azur.

Kriss van Acker 03a

Kriss van Acker 03c

Kriss van Acker 03dKriss van Acker 03e

Azur seems to be the first of many to arrive at the Chateau. Here she is, being greeted by male model Jérémy Douillé.

kriss van acker 04

What are they all coming to the Chateau for? You might be able to guess when you hear that Kriss named this photo set ‘Hear My Name’…

Azur has been upstairs making herself ready. And now she is ready.

kriss van acker 04a

‘Doesn’t anybody want to play?’

Kriss van Acker 04b

Azur was first in the queue. And now she gets what she came for while the other girls wait their turn…

Kriss van Acker 05 Hear My Name

A good spanking from Jérémy!

You might recognize the two girls at the back of the queue, right at the top of the stairs. They’re Lisa from the supermarket and Coralie from the golf course.

Kriss drew his inspiration for this shoot from the 2004 Armand van Helden music video, also entitled ‘Hear My Name’, in which people of all different ages, genders and levels of personal attractiveness queue up to get spanked by New York singing duo Spalding Rockwell:

He got criticized for one aspect of the photograph. I said earlier that there were sixteen models at the shoot, but you may have counted seventeen people in the photograph. Was it right to expose a child to this sexy shoot, people asked – even if he is Kriss’ own son? But in fact he was never there: he was photoshopped in!

Kriss did have one family member present, though. While he got on with the main business of the shoot, his wife Kate took a whole series of ‘backstage’ pictures documenting the proceedings. And that means we get to see a whole lot more of Azur being spanked!

Kriss van Acker 06Kriss van Acker 07 Kriss van Acker 08 Kriss van Acker 09

Kriss van Acker 10Kriss van Acker 11

Did anything interesting happen to you today, Azur?

Kriss van Acker 03b

Yes – I got spanked!

If you are interested in Kriss van Acker’s work, please visit his website.

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