Photographer of the Week: Lance Wagner

This week we feature the Seattle firm Old School Pinups, whose photographer is Lance Wagner. The studio specializes in the successive period looks of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, and there are a number of different standing sets used to create the desired background. Personally I’d like to see some 1960s ‘mod’ spankings…

But there’s a small problem. Like many commercial pin-up and boudoir photographers, it puts the self-esteem of its women clients at the center of the enterprise. That’s the reason why some other studios won’t shoot spanking pictures, as a matter of principle: they believe it’s degrading. It’s not the case with Old School Pinups, but in practice they don’t do spanking pictures, because they have a strict policy of shooting their clients one-on-one, so that there’s nobody else present to do the spanking. But as it’s Christmas, anything’s possible…

Meet Jessica McClanahan.

Old School 01 Jessica

I said it was Christmas, Jessica – not St Patrick’s Day!

Old School 02

That’s better. And as you can see, Santa isn’t going to infringe that ‘one-on-one’ rule. But he can still be a strict Santa…

Old School 04

As the photo caption says, ‘You don’t want to get on Santa’s Naughty List!’

Old School 05

The pictures were shot for Christmas 2012, and of course they are not technically spanking pictures in the precise sense of the word used on this blog. What I find interesting about them, even so, is how they are completely reliant on the model’s acting ability and the photographer’s skill to create their atmosphere and power: Santa has nothing to do with it, simply because he can’t.

If you are interested in the work of Old School Pinups, please visit their website.

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