Photographer of the Week: Lisa Carletta

Today’s entry in the series is something slightly different. The photographer is Brussels-based Lisa Carletta, who focuses on fashion, celebrity and creative work. Here’s an example of the latter:

Lisa Carletta 0

But the concept and artistic direction of the shoot we’re mainly looking at came from Marion Boucard, who works under the name Miss Marion. She used to be maverick fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s press attache in Paris, and is now the founder and artistic director of the firm Brande Contente, which specializes in imaginative and original projects aimed at women, from live events to branded photoshoots. Here she is:

Lisa Carletta 1 Miss Marion

In 2011, Lisa and Miss Marion were asked to contribute a fashion/pin-up photo series to Standard Magazine, whose November issue (#33) was to have the theme of domestic life. Miss Marion had already done a glamor-style shoot based on women and kitchen appliances…

Lisa Carletta 2

… and the Standard Magazine project was a more original, more feminist development of that, with the kitchen now presented as an instrument of oppression and servitude, as in this shot of a housewife literally bound to her ironing board:

Lisa Carletta 3

If you think you recognize the model, you’re right: it’s Miss Marion herself. And here she is at the uncomfortable end of a rather unusual spanking machine:

Lisa Carletta 4

The occasional real-life housewife may from time to time have been spanked by her husband with a kitchen utensil – but surely never with eight of them at once!

If you are interested in these two artists’ work, please visit their websites: Lisa Carletta and Miss Marion.

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