Photographer of the Week: Miss Giggles

Today’s photographer is based in Cologne, and signs her work Miss Giggles. But that is the name of her project – her real name is Tessa Schlick. She has been shooting professionally for ten years and says she is interested in conveying personality, something her pictures do admirably. She quickly found that the genre in which she could really express herself was retro pin-up – and so Miss Giggles was born.

Here’s a pin-up, in more ways than one. The girl who’s being pinned up is the Hamburg burlesque dancer Belle la Donna.

Miss Giggles 0 Pin Up 1

This is obviously not a straight piece of photography, but a witty collage. Just to prove it, here is a different treatment of one of the same elements:

Miss giggles 0 pin up 2

So what I want to know is, what was happening in the original photo that Belle la Donna was snipped out of – and, most importantly, was there a second figure in it … sitting down, maybe?

Some of Miss Giggles’ subjects are professional models and performers, but some are amateur pin-up enthusiasts. Our first one’s a pro, Sari Boland, who brought a friend along with her to a shoot on October 18, 2009:

Miss Giggles 3a haue

And the outcome was:

Miss Giggles 3B haue2

Let’s meet another girl, who appears to be called Kitty:

Miss Giggles kitty 0

On March 3, 2007, she got into a fight with another model on the shoot:

Miss Giggles kitty 1

I don’t know why: it’s not as if either of them needs the shoe. But I think we can tell who won:

Miss Giggles kitty 2

And saving the best for last, here’s proof that rank has its privileges in the pin-up equivalent of the US Navy:

Miss Giggles Sarah Pape spanks Julia Langstrumpf

In case you’re wondering, that’s Seawoman Julia Langstrumpf getting her nautical panties spanked by ship’s captain Sarah Pape.

If you are interested in Miss Giggles’ work, please visit her website. And for more of her outstanding spanking photography, go here and here.

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