Photographer of the Week: Noisenest

Today’s photographer is Kenneth Nicholas of St Louis, Missouri, who works all over the US under the nickname Noisenest. One of his trademarks is a ‘misty’, faded style of image which, in the case of the pictures we are looking at today, might suggest that they were found tucked away in a suitcase from fifty-odd years ago.

The shoot was at Fort Lauderdale on May 14, 2010, and, unusually, one of the models does not need to be introduced.

Noisenest Lourdes

We last encountered Lourdes Dodds being photographed by Riley Kern in 2009 as she gave the back of the hairbrush to her fellow model on the shoot. But now her luck’s run out, because this time she’s going to be spanked…

The other model is from North Carolina and works under the name Porcelain. Pardon me while we take a long look…

Porcelain 1Porcelain 1aPorcelain 2Porcelain 3Porcelain 4Porcelain 5Porcelain 5sPorcelain 6

That was worth doing, if for no other reason, in order to establish absolutely and beyond any doubt that Porcelain, who also works as a burlesque dancer, is a girl. Because in Fort Lauderdale the team came up with an uncommon way of doing a pin-up shoot with two girls:

Noisenest 1

And that means that, just for once, we have a pin-up spanking that has been shot with professional models but is also M/F! Well, sort of…

Noisenest Kitchen Spanks

If you are interested in Noisenest’s work, please visit his portfolio.

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