Photographer of the Week: Sarah Tröster

Sarah Tröster is a Stuttgart-based photographer whose photos are exhibited in art galleries and sold as decorative domestic art objects. And she also does pin-up work.

Normally I make a point of showing you the models first, but Sarah herself is as good-looking in front of the camera as she is talented behind it:

Sarah Troester 1Sarah Troester 2Sarah Troester 3Sarah Troester 4

OK, I did also have an ulterior motive there. One element of one of those self-portraits will be reappearing later on…

… but not Sarah herself. Her models for the shoot in question are Mara Lubina…

Sarah Troester 5 Mara

… and Mademoiselle Raspberry Rose:

Sarah Troester 6 Raspberry RoseSarah Troester 7 Raspberry Rose

The shoot we’re looking at is early work, from August 29, 2008. Filtering dominance and submission themes through the lens of Bettie Page, it is entitled ‘Carrots and Sticks’, and shows the two models giving one another, shall we say, a little encouragement:

Sarah Troester 8Sarah Troester 9Sarah Troester 10

Now it’s Mara’s turn to take charge:

Sarah Troester 11Sarah Troester 12

But really there’s only one sure-fire way to handle a model… though whether it’s carrot or stick rather depends on her proclivities:

Sarah Troester 13

Did you spot the return appearance by Sarah’s red gingham dress?

If you are interested in Sarah’s work, please visit her website.

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