Photographer of the Week: Shimona Henry

Vancouver-based Shimona Henry is both a make-up artist, with some music videos and film credits to her name, and a photographer. In the latter capacity she runs the firm Pin-Up Perfection, which aims, she says, to enhance women’s self-esteem by photographing them in sexy poses. Her work sits somewhere between the pin-up, fetish and ‘Bettie Page’ schools of photography, and she often flirts with imagery that comes within the purview of spanking.

For several years running, she has photographed the models at the Lace Embrace exhibition of antique corsets at the Hycroft Gallery in Vancouver.

shimona Henry 00

And for several years running, a handful of the models have messed around in mildly interesting ways. In May 2012:

Shimona Henry 01 corset 2012Shimona Henry 02 Corset 2012Shimona Henry 03 corset 2012

(In the first two shots, the model who’s standing up is Virginia Newton-Moss. In the third one, Crystal Precious is sitting down and Kerosene Deluxe may soon be unable to.)

And in May 2013, somebody brought along a paddle for use by Erin Johanson on Melanie Talkington:

shimona henry 04 corset 2013Shimona Henry 05 corset ex 2013

Mackenzie Gray also found a use for it on Debbie Wiecke:

Shimona Henry 06 corset 2013

In my terms, these are only very marginally definable as spanking pictures – hopefully some readers will find more to enjoy in them – but for once there’s a very good reason for that. You may look at these pictures and see some bottom-smacking antics, but what I see is a group of models taking great care to avoid damaging the merchandise: no proper OTK spanking for these girls in corsets!

But Shimona has shot OTK spanking images at least twice. Before we see the first one, which was part of a 2011 shoot for Retro Lovely Magazine, let’s meet the models who are going to feature in it.

First off, here’s Lou la Massacre, who is not only an ‘alternative model’ but also, like Shimona, a make-up artist. She says her personal fetish is being squeezed into tight clothes!

shimona Henry 06a Lou la MassacreShimona Henry 07 Lou la Massacreshimona Henry 06b Lou la MassacreShimona Henry 08 Lou la Massacre

Admire her rear end while you can, because when you next see her she’ll be sitting on it.

The bottom that’s going to be upended belongs to Dallas Valentine and – do you notice a theme emerging here? – she too is a make-up artist!

Shimona Henry 09 Dallas ValentineShimona Henry 09a Dallas Valentine

All she needs is Lou’s lap beneath her, and we’ll be away!

So here we go. But maybe she can lose a few clothes before we begin…

Shimona Henry 10

The second group of spanking pictures were part of a lesbian themed shoot featuring two burlesque artistes: Rianne Brundlefly Keel, whose stage name is Riannaconda…

Shimona Henry 10a Riannacondashimona henry 11 riannaconda

and Dezi Desire, who also uses the name Dezi Raider…

shimona henry 11a deziShimona Henry 11b Dezishimona henry 12 deziShimona henry 13 dezishimona henry 14 dezi

Not content with just burlesque and modeling, they’re also a couple of cosplayers. Here’s Riannaconda as Catwoman:

Shimona Henry 15 Riannaconda catwoman

And here’s Dezi as the curviest Riddler you ever did see:

shimona henry 16 dezi riddler

The Riddler even features in one of Dezi’s acts.

Shimona henry 17 dezi

She also does striptease routines featuring herself as various iconic sci-fi characters, like Mr Spock or…

shimona henry 17a deziShimona henry 18 dezi

Tom Baker’s Doctor Who!

And, just to keep things even, here’s an interesting moment from Riannaconda onstage:

Shimona Henry 19 Riannaconda

Domination-themed fetish photography often features Nazi uniforms as a kind of shorthand for authoritarianism. Shimona’s 2013 shoot with Riannaconda and Dezi spins that around to find the jackboot at the other end of the political spectrum:

shimona henry 21shimona henry 22

The shoot was entitled ‘From Russia, With Love’, and was intended as a comment on Russia’s illiberal treatment of gay people:

shimona henry 23shimona henry 24

Most of the shoot was taken up with lesbian cavorting, but right now Dezi’s fortunes seem to have taken a turn for the worse:

shimona henry 25shimona henry 25ashimona henry 26

Maybe it’s lucky for her she’s wearing black panties as well as her leotard and fishnets!

Trying to publish the pictures through another less than liberal organization, Facebook, had its drawbacks. Apologies for the censorship here:

shimona henry 27 facebook censored

But of course, none of these are technically spanking photographs in the strictest sense of the term (and, of course, we are strict here at Vanilla Spanking).

shimona henry 28shimona henry 29

Put the riding whip away, Riannaconda, and put the girl across your knee!

Shimona Henry 30Shimona Henry 31

One question remains: is Riannaconda relaxing with her drink before, during or after spanking Dezi?

Maybe there was something inevitable about the way that shoot turned out. Dezi was once asked to name her top five turn-ons, and top of the list was ‘military uniforms’ – in fact, she supplied the costumes for the shoot. She also likes ‘being dominated’ and ‘rough stuff’, and says that her bottom is one of her favorite parts of herself. So let’s pay it a little more appreciation before we bid it, and her, a fond farewell:

shimona henry 31a dezishimona henry 32 dezishimona henry 33 dezishimona henry 34 dezishimona henry 35 dezi

Shimona Henry 36 Dezi dshimona henry 36a deziMore Than You Can Handleshimona henry 38 dezi

Despite her acknowledged tastes, I haven’t yet found Dezi in another spanking shoot. Sadly it seems that, unlike Shimona, some photographers just don’t get it…

shimona henry 39 dezi

But on the other hand, it’s only auf wiedersehen to Riannaconda. She has posed for spanking pics by at least two other photographers who’ll be coming up in future installments. And surely, sooner or later, that girl’s luck is going to run out…

If you are interested in Shimona’s work, please visit her website. And you can find more of her spanking photography here.

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