Photographer of the Week: Stephen Field

Stephen Field is a self-taught commercial photographer working in the Manawatu region on the north island of New Zealand. He began his career shooting rock stars on tour, but changes in personal circumstances meant that more recently he has preferred to stay closer to home shooting portraits and weddings – and engagements, which is where we enter his story…

Meet Denise Candy, who now runs the alternative clothes store Damaged Candy in Palmerston North.

Stephen Field Denise Candy 1

She’s going to be married to the kooky tattoo artist Noel Mason, proprietor of the award-winning Ink Tattoo Studio, also in Palmerston North. Well, actually, here she is getting married to him on January 9, 2010:


But before they got married, they first had to get engaged. That was on November 29, 2009. And when they got engaged, Denise got… well, see for yourself:

Mason/Candy Engagement Shoot

You know, something tells me she didn’t make him a good enough cup of coffee:

Chase and Sanborn

Yes, it’s a recreation of the famous Chase and Sanborn coffee ad from 1952!

If you are interested in Stephen Field’s work, please visit his website.

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