Photographer of the Week: Susana Victoria Clark

Susana Victoria Clark, who lives in San Diego, is the owner of Vestige Photography. She specializes in retro and pin-up work, with a slant towards everyday women.

The pictures we’re going to be looking at today were taken on February 13, 2014, to celebrate the engagement of the featured couple. Susana found it an especially exciting shoot, and it made her keen to do more sessions with couples.

So, meet Ashley and her fiancé Neill. She’s a model and he’s a chef.

Vestige 01Vestige 02

Ashley describes herself as a lover of the vintage style of the 1940s and 50s, but she doesn’t always have sensible taste in footwear…

Vestige 02a

… which is why Neill had to come to her rescue one day in Disneyland when she just couldn’t walk any more:

Vestige 03

‘Who knew my butt was photogenic,’ she later commented.

Neill certainly seems to like the look of it…

Vestige 04

… though it’s less certain that Ashley appreciates it getting this kind of attention!

Vestige 05

A naughty girl getting spanked by her husband-to-be … aww, ain’t it romantic!

May the happy couple have a blissful wedding, and may their romance go on forever – in every way!

If you are interested in Susana’s work, please visit her website.

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