Photographer of the Week: Tiffany Krzywicki

The more I look at the spanking images created by mainstream photographers, the more surprised I am at how much better their work often is than the pictures shown on the specialist commercial spanking sites.

This thought comes into sharp focus in today’s example, which is the work of Massachusetts-based Tiffany Krzywicki. She has been called ‘a master of cheesecake pin-up’, though so far as I know she has only ever taken one spanking photograph. It’s part of a set entitled ‘A Naughty and Nice Christmas Tale’, shot in 2011 for the pin-up and kitchenwear site Cupcake Provocateur.

Meet the model, redhead Ludella Hahn, who also does cosplay and fetish work:

Tiffany K 01 Ludella Tiffany K 02 Ludella

For Tiffany’s shoot she was paired with Evan Smith. He’s a photographer himself and, as it happens, the man who took that double portrait shot of Ludella you’ve just been admiring. But on this occasion he took a seasonal role in front of the camera:

Tiffany K 03

Visiting Santa means you’re probably going to spend some time on his knee.

Tiffany K 04

Tell Santa what you want, Ludella.

tiffany K 05

And maybe you have something to give Santa?

tiffany K 06tiffany K 07

Now Santa has something for you. Bend down and get it…

tiffany K 08

But he just can’t help noticing something about the way you’re dressed.

tiffany K 09

This naughty girl forgot her skirt!

Tiffany K 10

And when you’re a naughty girl, the biggest problem about meeting Santa is… he knows if you’ve been bad or good!

Tiffany K 11

Ludella may have been bad to wind up in that appealing predicament, but as spanking photographs go, this one is very, very good.

The irony is that, if you follow the commercial spanking sites, you may well have already seen Ludella being spanked – badly. I won’t show you an example because I don’t have anything good to say about any of these pictures, and it would be invidious to pick out one: like a lot of specialist spanking photos, they’re poorly shot with poor OTK posing and they’re often rather too keen on gynecology (for my taste, at least). Same model, but what a world of difference!

If you are interested in Tiffany’s work, please keep a lookout for her website,, when it reopens… and in the meantime visit this online collection of her pin-up photographs.

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