Photographer of the Week: Uncle M

On our previous visits to Vancouver, it has come to our attention that the glamor model Riannaconda…

Uncle M 01 RiannacondaUncle M 02 Riannaconda

… has been spanking her fellow glamor models in shoots for various different photographers.

You are naughty, Riannaconda!

Uncle M 03 Riannaconda

Meet Teresa Marie…

Uncle M 04 Teresa Marie

… who knows what happens to naughty girls!

Uncle M 05 Riannaconda

But does she know a pillow is not an ideal spanking implement?

Uncle M 05a iannaconda Uncle M 06 Riannaconda Uncle M 07 Riannaconda

Yes, she does!

They were shooting for this week’s photographer, who goes by the name of Uncle M, and like Riannaconda he’s based in Vancouver. He’s an amateur (even the models are unpaid) and his main interest is in bondage. But he does it in a style that he describes as ‘Vargas meets Norman Rockwell’, combining aspects of pin-up with folksy life imagery that dilutes the heavy fetish dimension and gives it a broader appeal. His website notes:

‘All of the models Uncle M works with have full lives and model for him for the love of the art. The bondage is real, the expressions genuine. Bondage that is fun, sexy and a true form of art.’

In particular, he follows a strict policy of featuring no nudity, sex or violence. Luckily for us, he doesn’t believe ‘violence’ covers spanking.

Uncle M 08

I don’t often care for spanking photographs that include elements of bondage. Partly it’s because I’d rather see the spanker control the girl using his own strength, instead of resorting to restraints. It’s also partly, I guess, because a lot of second-rate commercial fetish photography tries to throw in aspects of multiple fetishes in order to appeal to as many market areas as possible, and thereby ends up not appealing very much to any of them.

But Uncle M’s work is different, because it has a clear center and focus. What he likes is old-fashioned rope bondage. Everything else is secondary. All the photographs have a plain background, to throw attention onto the foreground action. All the situations he depicts are a means to give variety to the core act of showing a girl tied up. And that sometimes means a side-order of spanking, often in ‘pin-up style’.

But there are practical problems with mixing bondage and spanking, if the girl in bondage is not the one being spanked…

Uncle M 09

The next sequence solves that one nicely. The models are hard to identify, because they are credited inconsistently. The girl who’s giving the spanking, for example, is given the monicker ‘Sixx’, but is actually the actress Jodii Grono. The girl on the receiving end works under the name ‘Miss Helen’ but her real name seems to be Mila.

Uncle M 10Uncle M 11Uncle M 12Uncle M 13Uncle M 14Uncle M 15Uncle M 16Uncle M 17Uncle M 18

We may well ask how ‘Miss Helen’ got to be in this predicament in the first place: Jodii certainly didn’t put her across her knee. But isn’t that always the way with pin-up? The image itself takes precedence over the scenario that led to it. And let’s face it, they are very nicely done images!

If you are interested in Uncle M’s work, please visit his online portfolio. You can also see a little more of his spanking photography here.

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