Spank the Cosplayer

If, like me, you misspent your youth going to sci-fi and comics conventions, you’ll already be familiar with the phenomenon that has latterly become known as cosplay. Many fans enjoy dressing up as their favorite characters, and often put a lot of energy, skill and love into the outfits. Costume events at conventions are well worth watching as a display of creativity, not to mention the other nice things that are sometimes on display:


Several events vie for the honor of being regarded Cosplay Central in the US, but my vote goes to Dragoncon in Atlanta, which takes place each year at the end of August. Previous Dragoncons have featured the odd exciting cosplay moment, such as this vigorous public spanking in 2005:


… or this one in 2006:


The girl’s name is Kellye, incidentally, and if you’re wondering whether she actually got spanked, take a close look at these two shots taken soon afterwards:


White panties, red bottom!

Cosplay can feature anyone and anything.


And it now has a place in the photography studio as well as the convention hall. Here’s a new take on an issue in German military history, the troubled relationship between the Wehrmacht and the SS:


But the commonest cosplay characters come from the worlds of comic books and sci-fi.


Next up is Yvonne Donohue as Supergirl, dispensing justice to ‘Ivy Cosplay’ as Catwoman. (I don’t know Ivy’s secret identity…)


Part of the appeal of cosplay scenes like this is, I think, that they show familiar characters being spanked. For instance, there are many people in our world who want to see Wonder Woman get a good spanking. And now they can, thanks to Engel Schrei (also known as Natalie Gibson), with a little help from Jeff Roglic as Bizarro:


One very popular character among cosplayers isn’t at all familiar to me. Harley Quinn was introduced into the world of Batman in 1992, long after I stopped following the adventures of the caped crusader. But it seems that Harley is such a naughty girl that even her fellow supervillains want to spank her:



A nice developing reaction there from Chloe in the role of Harley as the Joker’s hand makes contact and she realizes … spanking hurts! A realization that is also coming to Nyxiie here:


Just how naughty is Harley? Maybe Alushia Diaz from Montevideo can show us:


Nice panties, dear heart!


What do you mean, we shouldn’t be looking?


Here’s Harley’s friend, Poison Ivy.


Here’s Harley giving Poison Ivy a slight pain in the bottom.


And here’s Poison Ivy giving Harley rather more than a slight pain in her bottom.


I’m very glad to have finally made Harley’s acquaintance, and hope to see more of her … OTK!

(For more cosplay spanking, go here and here.)

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