Spank the Mostess

Back in November 2005, the Sydney-based advertising agency Lowe Hunt launched a new campaign for the men’s deodorant Lynx. The concept: a fantasy airline with its own distinctive brand of service. Lynx Jet didn’t have air hostesses, but air mostesses, with the kind of uniform that launched a thousand fantasies:

lynx jet mostesslynxjet_dt_html_1152x870lynxjet_mostesses_revised-790x486

And the in-flight entertainment was original, too. You could watch the mostesses having a pillow fight:

lynx jet pillow

Or hula-hooping:


Oh, and also…


Two of the above featured in the airline’s first television commercial:

And to give it all that extra edge of authenticity, there was an online booking system, through which it was impossible to get a ticket – if you tried, the flights were all booked out! There was even, perhaps a little less tastefully, a mock recruitment drive for would-be mostesses on jobseekers’ websites.

The campaign attracted predictable controversy (well, it was ‘sexist’, after all), and when the agency arranged to have one of Jetstar’s fleet of planes painted in yellow Lynxjet colors, the female cabin crew threatened to walk out … whereupon Jetstar canceled the deal!

But sales of Lynx jumped sky high, and in 2006 the campaign won an award at Cannes.

No plane? No problem!

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