Tease and Cake

Tease and Cake calls itself a ‘vintage inspired pin-up magazine’, which means it presents modern photographs in the classic pin-up style of the middle of the last century. Their photographer is Nicole Klein, whose company, The Hourglass, is based in Milton Keynes, England.

Birmingham-based pin-up model October DiVine did a shoot for them last July 4. ‘Guess what I’ve been up to today,’ she wrote, ‘shooting for Tease and Cake and getting my bottom spanked!!’

Tease and Cake 01 October DiVIne

Correction, October: you were only being smacked, not spanked!!

In fact, Tease and Cake does promise a ‘free naughty spanking with every issue’, though the photograph illustrating that promise may not be the best possible advertisement:

Tease and Cake 02

Never mind, in issue 8 there is a photo story loosely based on Red Riding Hood, who’s played by model Kristelle O’Chocolat. Here she is on other assignments:

Tease and Cake 03 Kristelletease and cake 04 kristelletease and Cake 05 KristelleTease and Cake 06 Kristelletease and Cake 07 KristelleTease and Cake 09 Kristelle

When Kristelle goes down in the woods, she’s sure of a big surprise: not a wolf but a bear!

Tease and Cake 10

And he’s a big bad bear who’s not best pleased to find Kristelle wandering about his backyard!

Tease and Cake 11

If you would like to see more of Kristelle’s spanking, and how she was eventually rescued from the bear, please visit the Tease and Cake website, where issue 8 is available for purchase, along with some back issues.

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