The Best of the No Pants Subway Ride 2015

01 No Pants Subway Ride 2015

Sunday January 11 saw the fourteenth annual worldwide No Pants Subway Ride, when ordinary folk ride the subway without their pants, bringing joy to the hearts of photographers, news editors and voyeurs.


If you need a fuller introduction to this event, see here. And if you want to see pictures from the 2014 event, they may be found here.

It’s a chance to show off your unique or not-so-unique taste in panties.

0315640791833_64bd628209_oNYC No Pants Subway Ride 201510847171_10153077261342074_6712639976469105448_o16258698302_676751aee0_k635565960209765033-no-pants-1510235838_87042015-nyc16316794171_7a0eee663a_baTOPSHOTS-US-OFFBEAT-NO PANTS SUBWAY RIDE

It’s a chance for panty manufacturers to do a bit of product placement.

NYC No Pants Subway Ride 2015

It’s a chance to show your bottom to the cameras.


This young New Yorker…


… even equipped herself with a cunning device for taking selfies:


It worked, after a fashion…


…but it didn’t save her from the lenses of the other photographers!


One thing you can always be sure of: somebody’s just going to get carried away.


Or worse…


Now to Phoenix, Arizona, where the girl at the bar appears to have a philosophical question on her mind… or her behind…


Perhaps she may not actually have been good? Who knows, but she is about to become the victim of a conspiracy also involving one of the individuals in this picture:


Up she goes…


… and feminine solidarity be blowed!


The main question is, now she’s horizontal, would it be a good idea to spank her? Define good!


And finally, after a close-run contest, the award for the Best in Show goes to…


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