The Two Bells

The Two Bells – or, more properly, Les Deux Cloches – was first performed at the town of Mazères in the South of France on June 22, 2013, by an amateur group named Les Compagnons de la Cloche. After the performance they were invited to repeat the play at a nearby town in September 2013 – but I haven’t been able to find out precisely where.

Information about the play and the performers is very scarce: it was written by a local lady named Bernadette (surname unknown) and has not been published or widely reviewed. But what is clear is that it’s a period piece, and that one scene features a ‘mangeuse d’homme’ (man-eater) who tries to seduce an older man.

Mazeres 2013 ((0

She starts to strip off…

Mazeres 2013 ((1

… which proves to be a bad idea when the man’s wife turns up, whereupon ‘Les fesses de la “mangeuse d’homme” furent mises à rude épreuve’ (the ‘man-eater’s’ bottom was put roughly to the test):

Mazeres 2013 (1)Mazeres 2013 (2)Mazeres 2013 (3)

I’m starting to think that in France the usual rule of thumb that ‘nudity = not mainstream’ doesn’t apply in quite the same way, because, as you can see, the woman opens the slit in the girl’s bloomers to indicate that the spanking is administered on her bare bottom. Of course, what the audience can’t see, and the photographer can, is the actress’s striped panties!

Mazeres 2013 (4)

Applause, please, for Les Compagnons de la Cloche!

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