Photographer of the Week: Jana Jaguar

Jana Jaguar is a German photographer whose work ranges from mundane, almost random actuality shots to some striking and imaginative work with models.

Jana Jaguar 1

And naturally there are also pictures that fall somewhere in between:

Jana Jaguar 2

What concerns us today is most definitely a staged fantasy sequence, and the model in question is a Westphalian lady who works under the name Phenobarbital. Here she is:

Jana Jaguar 3 PhenoJana Jaguar 4 Pheno

The shoot took place on November 29, 2008, and also featured a male model named P. P. Painture who is the proud owner of a rather memorable moustache:

Jana Jaguar 5

But Phenobarbital is in the wrong costume! Because the title of the sequence is ‘The Housemaid’. Here she is, now properly dressed, but caught slacking by her employer:

Jana Jaguar 6 Housemaid

Better rush back to work!

Jana Jaguar 7 Housemaid

Not before you pay the penalty for that illicit cupcake, my dear!

Jana Jaguar 8 Housemaid

If you are interested in Jana’s work, please visit her website.

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