Photographer of the Week: Alisa Verner

Alisa Verner self

Meet Alisa Verner, an erotic photographer based in St Petersburg, who is most interested in shooting beautiful women. She says:

‘For me, photography is more than just pictures. It is a magical world of beauty and light, the unforgettable emotions that come from those who are looking at me from the other side of the lens, those who energize me and charge themselves from me.’

Alisa Verner p

‘This sea of sensual and sexy looks that I have found; these playful, happy women create a sense of celebration in every photo shoot. There is an incredibly creative atmosphere and it’s an exciting process. To make you smile and see the shine in your eyes and in the eyes of those for whom you are creating this with me.’

One subject she is especially good at capturing is the beauty of the female bottom.

Alisa Verner h

Alisa Verner l3azghVOzT4Alisa Verner fAlisa Verner i

And what’s more, she often photographs them in the upturned position we love.

alisa vernerAlisa Verner aAlisa verner bAlisa Verner nAlisa Verner qAlisa Verner j

Now, look at this next group and I defy you to tell me this woman couldn’t produce some outstanding OTK spanking imagery.

Alisa Verner dAlisa Verner cAlisa Verner e

The puss has the right idea, but lacks the equipment to put it into practice…

Alisa Verner ooAlisa Verner m

Alisa Verner g

Will mankind ever match feline intuition?

Alisa Verner kAlisa Verner 9Alisa Verner 10

We’re getting there….

Alisa Verner 24Alisa Verner 23

And – contact!

Alisa Verner 1Alisa Verner 2Alisa Verner 3Alisa Verner 4Alisa Verner 6Alisa Verner 7Alisa Verner 5

If you are interested in Alisa’s work, please visit her website.

One thought on “Photographer of the Week: Alisa Verner

  1. jimc says:

    Great bottoms and great final pictures of otk. I really enjoy her work as far as coloring and subject matter. Great finds. Thank you and have a great day.


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