Photographer of the Week: Edwin d’Souza

Today’s photographer, Edwin d’Souza, is based in Washington DC. Photography is something he does in his spare time; his day job involves good works with the homeless in the medical sector. He shoots in both color and black-and-white and mainly on location; he likes the outdoors but, as you can see, he doesn’t turn his nose up at a hotel room either.

Edwin d'Souza 4392b12608c85

He says he was never confident about his ability until he tried and had his work commended by his friends, and, modestly, he still denies having any great artistic skill. You’ll have to judge that for yourselves, of course, but I think in 2005 he produced one heck of a mainstream spanking photo!

Now let’s meet Marjorie Dolle, the prettier of the two models.

Edwin d'Souza Marjorie Dolle 1

You may also want to view her from another angle.

Edwin d'Souza Marjorie Dolle 2

The male model on the shoot also seems interested in that end of her:

Edwin d'Souza 2005 w Marjorie Dolle 1

Looks like there’s only one thing for it…

Edwin d'Souza 2005 w Marjorie Dolle

Not being a commercial photographer, Edwin doesn’t have a website, so the only way you can pay him a visit is to be down and out in DC, which I don’t recommend. But if you enjoyed the photo, why not try sending him some good vibes across the ether?

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