The Fille Files: Alina Cojocaru

01 Alina C

Next Wednesday, Alina Cojocaru will celebrate her 34th birthday. She was born in Bucharest, and began her career in Kiev in 1998 before joining the Royal Ballet the following year. After fifteen years, she moved to the English National Ballet, and she also dances guest performances around the world in places ranging from New York to Hamburg to Tokyo. And she is a ballerina who gets spanked: one of the many roles in her repertoire is Lise in La Fille Mal Gardée.

As a dancer, Alina has been praised for her attitude derrière, seen here:

02 Attitude Derriere

We may also have a lot of time for her derrière, seen here:

French Ballet "Giselle" staged by Neumeier in Hamburg04 Sleeping Beauty0705 Engram06

And when her derrière has attitude…

2014 Bucharest Alina Cojocaru

That, of course, is the smacking in the 2014-15 Bucharest production of Fille, which ran for eight performances (not all of them with Alina) from December 13 to January 30, with Danish dancer Johan Kobborg as Widow Simone.

But this wasn’t the first time Alina had danced the role of Lise. She also did so intermittently during her time at the Royal Ballet. And we have a picture of her being smacked in this production, too – by William Tuckett on March 8, 2010, to be precise:

2010 Alina Cojocaru b

And, as is always the case in La Fille Mal Gardée, when a naughty girl has been smacked and still hasn’t learned her lesson, there’s only one thing to do:

UK - "La Fille Mal Gardee" Performance in London2010 Alina Cojucaru Rex

Spank her!

(Except of course that, as Paul has pointed out, whenever Alina danced the role, Farmer Thomas arrived in the nick of time and she was saved before the first smack landed.)

Interestingly enough, Johan Kobborg was in the cast too, playing Colas, Lise’s true love. And why not? He and Alina both joined the Royal Ballet in the same year, and by the time she was dancing Lise, he was already her boyfriend offstage too. Here they are together:

08 Alina C & Kobborg

In 2013, he was appointed Artistic Director of the Romanian National Ballet, and it was only natural that Alina should be included his plans. And so she got to spend some time back in the town of her birth, hopefully being spanked by her fiancé! Though if this video is anything to go by, Farmer Thomas got there a little too soon!

Happy birthday, dear Alina… though 34 smacks and one to grow on is probably more than you got on stage in your entire Bucharest run of La Fille!

One thought on “The Fille Files: Alina Cojocaru

  1. Paul says:

    Great post Harry. Alina is such a fine ballerina. I’m still hopeful that she did get spanked during the Romanian ballet production of Fille, but there doesn’t appear to be any video footage anywhere, apart from curtain calls. I will say that Alina is quite a spontaneous performer, so it’s possible that one of her performances played out differently (although that really required the dancer playing widow simone to be spontaneous…). I remember one performance where after Alina was released from the otk position, she looked in horror at farmer Thomas and put her hands over her (now covered) bottom as she ran to the other side of widow simone, having realised that Thomas had just seen her knickers while she was otk with skirts lifted, about to be spanked. That was very cute and funny, but she didn’t always react in exactly the same way.


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