Coco de Mer is a British firm that makes sexy lingerie, like this:

Coco de Mer 0

They also sell sex toys, including 42 different implements with which bottoms may be whacked. (They do not, however, sell hands!) They run ‘spanking salons’ where the inexperienced can be trained in the art. As the company founder Sam Roddick says, ‘Sometimes people are just into spanking, aren’t they?’

Sam Roddick

And to promote their business, Coco de Mer have just released an advertisement entitled simply ‘X’, which starts from the premise that we think about sex every six seconds, and proceeds to show a blisteringly fast sequence of images, sexual and non-sexual, including, you will be pleased to know:

Coco de Mer 1Coco de Mer 2

‘We can help you think about sex more,’ promises a series of flash frames towards the end.

The ad was shot by a team of directors and photographers, led by John Rankin Waddell, who works under his middle name alone, and who commented: “What I loved about the concept was how it visualized the way in which we absorb information nowadays. It examines our appetite for visceral and engaging imagery, reflecting how we consume as quickly as a click. This film takes our obsessions and ramps them up to intense new levels. Rather than selling you a dream, we’re allowing people to feel like they’re in one, experiencing it live as they watch the film unfold.”

According to the firm’s managing director, Lucy Litwack, “We want to set a conversation in motion that talks about what is actually inspiring the mind to return to the notions of sexual delight. The core of the campaign is Coco de Mer’s real commitment to creating a more vital, more beautiful erotic landscape through which our audience can explore.”

And Walter Campbell, the man who thought up the ad, adds: “As masters in the art of longing and yearning, Coco de Mer were in the perfect position to encourage a more progressive and liberated viewpoint for those who are interested. The erotic doesn’t get the same overt attention as everything else on the cultural menu, so we created a film to surprise, excite and most importantly, encourage people to delve that little bit deeper into their fantasies – to reignite that connection.”

The desire to create a more liberal society is always admirable … even if cynics may suspect that actually what they mainly want to do is sell you some stuff!

The full advert may be seen here. And if you are interested in Rankin’s work, please visit his website.

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