Spank the Warrior Woman


Weasel is one of the anti-heroes of the comic book Rogues!, published by Amigo Comics from 2013 onwards. She’s a thief and outlaw living on her wits in the slums of a fantasy world. She’s also the subject of a couple of pin-ups commissioned by Amigo and published a fortnight ago. Both of them document the outcome of her encounter with a redheaded warrior woman. And, since the genre is pin-up, that outcome is predictable:

Ivan Sarnago

The artist is the Spanish comic book illustrator Ivan Sarnago, who draws, as you can see, in a cute ‘toony’ style. He has also published his initial sketch for the drawing, in which the redhead is if anything even cuter:

ivan sarnago sketch

Here’s another example of his work, from his comic series Chicade, entitled Literal and Literary Sex:

Ivan Sarnago 2

He asks her if she wants to have sex, and she gives a sassy answer. It’s not actually a spanking illustration, but who knows what will happen next?!

Now back to Weasel and the Warrior, for a second look at the same theme in a completely different style, courtesy of Madrid-based illustrator Aneke Murillenem, who’s mainly noted for her steampunk work:

Aneke artist

Although there’s a slight problem with where this particular smack is landing, for pose this one’s hard to beat, and the dropped flagon adds a nice sense of disorder to the moment. It is, quite simply, an outstanding piece of work by Aneke!

If you are interested in these artists’ work, please visit them online: Ivan Sarnago and Aneke.



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