Photographer of the Week: Paul Brown

Paul Brown is a London-based horror and fetish photographer whose avowed interest is in what he calls ‘the dark edgy erotic’.

Paul Brown 01Paul Brown 02

But he has also been known to take pictures that are more conventionally sexy and, well, just cute.

Paul Brown 02aPaul Brown 02b

He says he wants ‘to push the boundaries and try new experiences and new formats’. Ironically the shoot that interests us, from June 16, 2009, featured what are arguably some old experiences and formats in the fetish genre, featuring a type of individual who hasn’t been much of a threat anywhere else since 1945, and who is played on this occasion by Paul Brown himself.

Paul Brown 02t

But so long as his models’ bottoms are in peril, who’s worried?

Here’s Bounty.

Paul Brown 03 Bounty

And here are two moments of gluteal danger for her:

Paul Brown 04Paul Brown 05

Not quite what you wanted? What a tease I’m being! Now meet Charley.

Paul Brown 06 CharleyPaul Brown 07 Charley

And here’s what happened when Charley the maid met the awful SS.

Paul Brown 09

Now, I don’t actually believe the dreadful Nazis put their victims through anything so domestic and attractive as a good spanking… so maybe we can class it as a new experience after all!

If you are interested in Paul Brown’s work, please visit his online portfolio.

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